14 Successful Habits Authors, Pro Writers and Bloggers Exhibit

14 Successful Habits Authors, Pro Writers and Bloggers Exhibit copy

14 Successful Habits Authors – Professional authors, writers or bloggers are successful simply because they PRACTICE. They practice, learn new things every day from experiences of theirs and others. They also develop their skills in writing every day. 

If you think you`re going to become a successful author, writer, content manager, blogger, marketer, business person by not practicing, then you`re deceiving yourself. Even if you`re really smart and you don`t know how to communicate with intelligence, you may not even be successful.


Here are the 14 successful habits that can help become a professional author, writer, copywriter or even a blogger.


#1 – Exercise Self-control

The ability to control and manage your own mind, body, and emotions, interaction with people is crucial because people with a high degree of self-control know what they feel, and how their emotions can affect others.

To exercise your self-control, practice:

1. Check your e-mail only on your scheduled time, which can be once every 3 hours.

2. Keep your social media window closed on your browser or phone. Instead open it on your schedule time and your main purpose should be to promote your business and create awareness for what you have to offer. 

3. Program your phone to accept important calls or switch to a silent profile when you are brainstorming or creating new ideas.

These are the 3 major distraction we often get, when we reduce the ability to fall for these distractions, then our productivity will be increased & then we can achieve a lot and be happy.


#2 – Have an Optimistic & Positive Attitude

Successful people do not get discouraged easily. In constant, it usually takes up to 6 months to rank for a specific content or pages & sometimes this can discourage bloggers or writers, especially those that are not positive thinkers or impatience.


#3 – Be Open-minded

Successful bloggers always upgrading their skills. We all know that the only thing constant is change. In order to be successful, you need to be open-minded and learn about new things, new techniques, new process better than what you are using presently.


#4 – Prepare weekly, yearly  and lifetime plan

Don`t leave that to chance, successful bloggers and writers have set out plans for the day: time to meditate & plan for the future both professionally, personally. They think carefully before making decisions, plus they understand how those plan impact in their future & goals. They set quarterly, yearly and even lifetime goals.

Ask yourself – What do I want my content to be 4 years from now? How many visitors, subscribers, total revenue, profit… What action do I need to take to achieve each of these goals? Start planning!


#5 – Take Calculated Risk & embrace Failure

So bad everybody talks about successful people and their stories, leaving aside their failures and risks. Rome wasn`t built in a day. When you take risks, this makes you learn life opportunities & make you successful in any field that you are in after you fail and continue. Always try new things “if you want something you never had, you need to be able to do something you never did”.


#6 – Show Gratitude

Instead of focusing on what you don`t have, focus on what you have. Show gratitude on everything that you have. Simple things you say or do can lead to something great.


#7 – Never Give Up

Stay committed to your vision, no matter what, the only way you can ever fail is by giving up. This is a very strong quality you must possess as a blogger, writer or as anything.


#8 – Share Graciously with Others

Every writer or blogger has a story, something new. You must have searched or learned from experiences or have important information to help others, don`t keep this to yourself. Believe in the law of abundance. Share what you know or even your secret. A good writer will always share his/her success story for others to succeed.


#9 – Simplify your process

Keep things easier for yourself and others. Do not overwhelm yourself with a huge list of tasks that can never be completed. As a blogger, find ways to organize all your minor points into a few simple categories. That way, you can easily address and summarize the gist of your presentation at the end.
Cost, timeline, results. Problem, suggestions, solution. Beginning, middle, and end. Just remember to simplify your process.


#10 – Embrace and learn from discomfort

Sometimes in life, things go right and sometimes they go very wrong. Successful people embrace this. We are going to face obstacles in life and in business. So get ready, prepare and be strong.


#11 – Have Great Work-life Balance

Spend time doing things that you love, and sometimes relax. Plan your work and your life.


#12 – Spend time with the right people

Ask help from people who have already been where you`re, study them, learn from them. You`ll be surprised how many people will try to help you. Always reach out to other writers or bloggers and share ideas, even though at conferences, social media, etc. This can give you a framework to create new relationships with others and to improve your ideas.   


#13 – Have a definite purpose behind what you do

Luck is a huge part of business success (especially in the digital age). If you want to be successful, don`t just wait for luck alone, think and start acting and then your good luck will come. When that luck strikes, you`ll immediately know what to do and how to respond.


#14 – Never make excuses

Take responsibility for your actions. Accept change

Ask yourself.


How are writers bloggers wanted like an author?

The answer is only if they possess these qualities and more. Then they become successful in writing, sell lots of copies of their books or videos and are still wanted by many people or clients for live presentations.

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