How to Host a Website for Beginners (Locally and/or Publicly): Starting a new website requires a lot of decision-making, not the least of which concerns hosting. If you’re new to website ownership, figuring out how to host a website can quickly become both confusing and unbearable. This post will provide an outline of some web hosting basics, including a step-by-step explanation of what it is and why it’s important.

Then we’ll discuss the differences between local and external hosting and go over some important deliberation for using each.

Website hosting for beginners: What it is and why you need it

How to Host a Website for Beginners (Locally and/or Publicly): In short, web hosting is a service that makes it possible to publish your site live on the Internet. A web host, also called a hosting service provider, is a company that provides the tools you need to consummate this.

Most notably, that includes a server. Servers store website files, and Internet browsers can communicate with them to deliver your site’s pages to visitors. This is what makes hosting such a key factor of setting up a website – without it, you have no way to make your site public.

It’s important to note that there are two ways to host a website: (1) externally/publicly, and (2) locally.

A locally-hosted website is stored on your own machine – own server (this is also called self-hosting), while an externally-hosted site is stored on a provider’s server. While you may wish to forgo external hosting to save money, hosting your own website locally isn’t commonly powerful enough for even a small business website. Your users will experience extremely slow loading times, and your own resources will likely be stretched thin.

Instead, local sites are typically used for testing and development or performance and are only seen by the site’s owner and/or developer. An externally-hosted copy of the site is then made public for users, backed by a web hosting provider’s much more powerful server.

Local and external hosting are often used in convergency. However, if you just need a private site for development, you may only require local hosting. Likewise, if a website is very small and simple, website owners can often go without a staging site and only use external hosting.

How to host a website on the web (5 key considerations)

When hosting a website on the web, everything fricassees down to one consequential decision: which provider to choose. Below, we’ve circumscribed five primary aspects to consider when making a choice of web hosting service.

1. Determine the best type of hosting for your site

For WordPress users, there are five main types of hosting to consider:

a. Shared hosting (often it’s the cheapest hosting)
b. Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting)
c. Dedicated hosting
d. Cloud hosting
e. Managed WordPress hosting
Here’s a quick overview on each hosting type and how they contrast to each other feature wise:


Each has its pros and cons. There isn’t one “best web hosting,” everything depends on the needs of your website. Very small sites can often do just fine on a shared hosting plan. However, the other types will give your site plenty of room to grow, and likely provide better performance, especially in times of traffic spikes and more uptime.

A WordPress-specific hosting plan can be very useful since it takes some of the work of maintaining your site off your hands. It also usually provides tools or services you would need for your WordPress site anyway, saving you from having to make additional purchases.

There are other niche types of web hosting enthusiastic to different types of websites with enlargement tailored to the specifics of those websites. For example, if you want to run an eCommerce store, some providers offer plans enlargement for that.

2. Examine additional features available from various providers:

In addition to hosting your website on one of its servers, many hosting providers– especially those with managed WordPress plans – offer handy features you may want for your site. Some common ones include:

a. Domain name registration
b. Content delivery network (CDN)
c. SSL certificates
d. Security features such as firewalls or regular scans
e. Automated backups
f. Externally-hosted staging areas
g. Email services
h. Website builders
WordPress hosting plans sometimes also offer access to premium themes, automated WordPress updates, and WordPress-related customer support. It’s definitely worth considering which additional features you might need or want for your site.

3. Look at different providers’ customer support options:

Customer support is a key foundation of any hosting service. Your relationship with your hosting provider will likely be a long-term one, so it’s important that it’s able to provide any help you may need related to your account, cPanel (control panel), server, or even WordPress itself.

Self-service support options such as user forums, documentation, or even blog posts can help you quickly get past crashes in the road. 24/7 opportunity is also handy for putting you in touch with support quickly, and helping you reach someone from your web hosting company in the event of a server-related error.

If you’re looking for more guidance related to customer support, our previous WordPress Hosting assessment contains valuable data that you might want to consider. Over 800 WordPress users scored several popular hosts on both their overall and WordPress-specific customer support, so you’ll know what to expect.

4. Set a hosting budget and find a hosting offer that works for you:

Hosting is an ongoing expense. Most providers require you to pay monthly fees, although some offer annual plans. Either way, it’s important to consider what you’ll be able to afford on a regular basis.

There are many cheap hosting options out there. However, as we touched on earlier, the cheaper options sometimes come with other problems. Web hosting is often a ‘you get what you pay for’ situation.

Infact every site’s budget is different, so we can’t decide exactly what type of plan is best for you. Our best approval is to look for plans that are low cost, while still providing good effectiveness and high performance scores. If not you will not host a good Website for Beginners either (Locally and/or Publicly).

5. Figure out how you’ll install WordPress on your provider’s server:

Finally, it’s always a good idea to consider how you’ll install WordPress – your content management system on your new hosting account. While this may seem unimportant at first, your WordPress installation options can make a big difference in the ease of setting up your website.

No matter which hosting provider you choose, you’ll always be able to install WordPress manually. This involves collecting your server via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), using a client such as FileZilla.

Some managed WordPress hosts also offer a one-click installation option that enables you to quickly install the software on your account. There are even plans that come with WordPress pre-installed, which is the easiest solution.

How to host your own website locally (2 methods)

There are several methods available for hosting a site locally. Which is best for you will depend on the needs of your particular site, so let’s look at two popular options.

1. Create a site using a local web stack:

A local web stack, such as XAMPP, is software that provides several components needed for local development, including a web server. The main benefit of using this method is that it gives you the most control over your site:

In addition, XAMPP keeps your local site completely private, and unavailable to other users. The downside is that it’s a little bit difficult to set up. You’ll also need to install XAMPP and manually install WordPress in order to get it up and running.

Also, it’s important to note that, while you can use a WordPress site hosted via XAMPP to test drive plugins or practice coding, you can’t use it to create a true staging site or host a good Website for Beginners (Locally and/or Publicly) . Due to differences in hardware configuration, features that work on a XAMPP WordPress installation won’t necessarily work on a live WordPress site.



2. Sign up for a virtual sandbox environment:

A much easier way to create a local WordPress site – and to stage your live site – is to use a virtual sandbox environment. These platforms, also including Local by Flywheel, enable you to easily create local WordPress installations:


Also local by Flywheel is completely free to use. All you have to do is sign up, download the app, and start creating sites. However, you’ll need to make sure to configure your settings so that your sites aren’t visible to search engines and their SEO crawlers.

Also, keep it in mind that while your sites will be hosted locally, you’re still technically depending on a third-party resource. In the event that Flywheel stops supporting the platform, you would have to find another solution (although there’s no indication that this might happen any time soon).

Conclusion: When it comes to web hosting, you have a lot to think about. Learning the basics of what hosting is and how it works can help you make informed decisions about how to host your WordPress site.


How to Download Free Music on mp3juices website

How to Download Free Music on mp3juices

If you are looking for the best site to download free mp3 songs, mp3 juice is one of the best platform. one thing about mp3 juices is that it have any of mp3 song you may like and there is no kind of mp3 songs you cannot download at mp3.juice.
We definitely know that many people have heard about mp3juice, while some might have used it for one mp3 download or the other. But recently there is complain about mp3juice music download, some people find it difficult to download music on this platform. the recent challenges are making those that love using mp3juice disappointed and discouraged.
According to some complaints dropped by some users, the challenges is that whenever they users click on “download” while trying to download music on the site they are always redirected to a different site.
This is actually not a challenge cause mp3 juice downloader is working perfectly. I’m here to show and guide you on how you can use it and it will not be difficult and you can also download any music of your choice without facing any challenges.

How to Download Music From mp3juice

Unlike many music download websites, mp3juice. does not include advertisements. All of its content is free to download. There are plenty of different ways to download music from this platform, but the main one is to go online and use their music downloader. you can do it by accessing their website via your smartphone or your PC. You can also listen to song while downloading it online and after downloading process is complete you can now play them offline without connecting to internet.
Search for the music by the song name, genre, album, artist and so on. You can also download in high quality, and you can also choose to download music for personal use only. This site offers an excellent option even if you want to listen to music for free or sell it.
To download music for free all you need to do is to visit the site’s homepage and type in your search examination. Select the sources you’d like to use. Then, click on “search” it might take a little time but the results will be displayed on the screen. Steps use to Download music From mp3juice.
Downloading songs from this platform is free, you don’t need to login to any account neither do need any premium subscription on any platform, anyone can easily download songs of their choice on mp3juice without any challenge. The few things you will need are listed below

  • Your mobile phone or PC
  • Mp3 juice mobile app.
  • Internet data bundle and internet connection.

Once you have the few things listed above, you are free to download your favorite songs on this platform.
whether you are using an iOS or Android device, This are know on how to download music on mp3 juice.
Go to mp3juice music download website.

  • You will see a search bar.
  • On the search bar, type the name of any song you want to download.
  • You can also type the name of the artist that has the song, if you don’t know the name of the song.
  • Then you click on “search”
  • If you search the name of the artist it will show you all the song that the artist have
  • Once the song is displayed you will see two 2 buttons on the song, which are “download” and “play”
  • Click on download and start downloading the song.

How to Download Free Music for iPhone

  • Visit your Apple app store.
  • Type “mp3juice cc app” on the search bar
  • Locate the app and click on install.
  • Skip the three steps if you already have mp3juice app on your iPhone.
  • Go to mp3juice mobile app and open it.
  • You will see a search bar on the app.
  • Type the name of any song you want to download, on the search bar.
  • You can also type the name of the artist that has the song, if you don’t know the name of the song.
  • Then you click on “search”
  • If you search the name of the artist it will show you all the song that the artist have
  • Once the song is displayed you will see two 2 buttons on the song, which are “download” and “play”
  • Click on download and start downloading the song.

So this are the steps to download music on this platform.
Mp3Juice is one of the most popular free mp3 music download sites available, it is also an mp3 search engine. It searches the entire internet for mp3 audio files and displays the results. It is important to note that this service is only free for personal, non-commercial use. When downloading music from mp3 juice, make sure you follow the terms and conditions carefully.

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4 Horror Games Download 2021: The Most Exciting: Are you a game Nut and Do you like to download Horror Games? If yes this is an occasion for you because this composition is about the stylish horror games download that is available for Android Smartphones. Follow up with this composition to get the stylish horror games that are available for download. You’ll also get links for the games download. The games that are mentioned below are the top stylish game available for download.


List of Horror Games Download

Fran Bow Series





Fran Bow is an indie cerebral Horror Game also an adventure videotape game. This game was developed and published by Kill Monday Games. All part of the game has a different storyline chapter, but it has a single title. Each storyline mode of Fran Bow game is divided into individual downloadable games. Players must administer tone-drug to get into the coming game mode.


Dead Effect 2


Dead Effect 2 is a 2015 videotape Horror Game that’s developed and published by Bad Fly Interactive. This game is an effect of Dead Effect. The game is designed to suit sci-fi suckers. In this game, Players have to finish up a position before picking a new armament. The game has further than 40 over-cross munitions. Players can only choose one character out of the three characters available in the game. You can download the game from the Google play- store. Click here to download 4 Horror Games Download 2021: The Most Exciting


Five Nights at Freddy’s Series


five nights at Freddy’s series is an indie videotape game series that is created, developed, designed, and published by Scott Cawthon. This game is available for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android. This game is one of the most horror games. In this Horror Game, players are to be on the lookout for strange aliens trying to kill them. Five Nights at Freddy’s game consists of five modes and the player must survive one mode to move to another.


Another World


Another World is another horror game. The player of this game plays the part of a scientist who finds himself in another world realm. The player will be chased by a wolf monster. So while being chased by the monster the player has to find his way home by working some mystification. This game is one of the Ancient horror games to download.

Android Terminal Emulator is an app that gives terminal access to communicate between the two computers. it enables Linux on your android device. Most people are looking for these types of apps and most already have a favorite. However, it doesn’t hurt knowing about a few more. Here are the best terminal emulators, and command-line apps, that will give you a complete Linux environment for your phone.

1. Shell Commander

GitHub - sergev/bash-commander: Version of the GNU Bourne Again shell extended with two-panel file manager.

Shell Commander is an easy-to-use shell created using Eclipse, Inkscape, and GIMP, Shell Commander is the all-in-one Android terminal emulator you would love to use. Thanks to the built-in text editor, you can easily view, edit, modify and enter commands. Additionally, if you are a power user, Shell Commander will allow you to run commands as root.

2. Termius

Termius - SSH platform for Mobile and Desktop

Termius is another larger option in the terminal emulator’s space. It has support for a ton of things, including the basics like Telnet and more complicated stuff like ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305. The app also has themes, 2-factor authentication, automatic OS recognition when you remote connect, and more. There is a premium version and it’s a subscription.

3. Termux

Termux screenshot


A powerful android terminal emulator, Termux is the most popular terminal emulator on the list by download count, lets you enjoy shells as well as edit files and access servers. Based on the C language, Termux is a complete package with built-in features for productivity as well as entertainment. It does what you need it to do and it doesn’t get in your way while you do it. It’s also free with no ads and in-app purchases.

4. CommandBot

The best terminal emulators for Android - Android Authority

Command Bot is a free and open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client. It works like an SSH client should along with some extra features for you power users out there. You can manage multiple sessions, create secure tunnels, and you can do basic stuff like copy and paste between apps. The Command Bot is also very easy to use.

7. Linux Deploy

android terminal emulator


Linux Deploy lets you use Linux on any android device by enabling you to run a host of Linux files with supported distributions for Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Arch Linux, Fedora, Gentoo, and much more. It supports various architectures and file systems as well.

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Zamob-Download Music, Videos and Games

Have you really been on the internet looking for a website where you can download all mobile files for free? If yes, Then is the site you’ve looking for.

Zamob-Download Music, Videos and Games

Zamob-Download Music, Videos and Games

zamob is one of the largest and perfect mobile website download in South Africa, where mobile users can download lots of android games, videos, music, games and lot more all for free.

You can also download millions of free Games, Music, Videos and lot more that are not mentioned to your mobile devices through “”, one thing you must know about this site is that all content and electronic files are mainly created and built to function well on Tablets, Mobile phones and other devices.

How to Download games on Zamob

Most people have been on the internet looking for a website where they can download different games to their mobile devices for free, so here is the solution to that problem, you can now play favorite game on your mobile devices. because zamob download games has make it easier for you, and you don’t need to create, sign up or log in to any account before you can download your favorite games from zamob.

Downloading games on this platform is very easy and free, you don’t have to subscribe to the platform or set up an account before you can download your favorite games on this platform, Here are the steps you need to know before you will be able to download game from this platform.

  • Launch your browser
  • Enter the URL “” on your device and make sure you are connected to internet.
  • Select the type of game you want to download
  • On the next page, select the type or genre of game you want to download.
  • Click on it.
  • Then you click on download to start downloading it.

How to Download Music on Zamob

Music is cool and every one love listening to it, while some takes music as their sole companion because it makes them feel alright when they are in a wrong/bad mood. so this is the reason “Zamob Music Download” is always there for you to download your favorite songs

Zamob music download is music app for mobile phones that allows users to search and Listen to music online on their mobile phone. It is also available for Android and iPhone users, and to download the app is also free.

  • Launch your browser
  • Enter the URL “” on your device and make sure you are connected to internet.
  • It will take you to the home page of Zamob, which contains every category of information you are looking for on that particular website.
  • Click on the music category to access its page.
  • Then you can search for the music you want to download, once the next page loads.
  • As soon as you locate the music you want, Click on it.
  • Click on download to start the process of downloading the music to your device.

How to Download Movies on Zamob

Below are the steps you need to know before you can download movies on zamob. you can also download free movie on this site.

  1. Launch your browser
  2. Enter the URL “” on your device and make sure you are connected to internet.
  3. Tap on the TV Series!!! link
  4. On the new page, Tap on movie
  5. Find the movie you want to download, and once you locate it click on it.
  6. Tap on “hdRIP”, on the movie download page.
  7. Select the part you want to download and click on it.
  8. Hit the “Download” button and select a folder for the download if prompted.

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DivX crawler- Movies Download Website

DivX crawler- Movies Download Website

Are you looking for a website where you can download your favorite movies? If yes then is the site you are looking for, Well, let me start by telling you that DivX crawler is one of the top five best movies downloading platform years ago and also free for newly users that are visiting the site for the first time. You can also download latest movies for free on the platform.

DivX crawler- Movies Download Website

This website is the best site you have to checkout if you are among those searching or love watching movies, but then you need to know that DivX crawler movies download is very easy with a nice interface that gives users good comfort to download videos free with an edge. It, might also interest you to now that this site has millions of updated movies that are stored in its database.

On this article, we will be showing you how to get what you are looing for and how you can get them on your device. However, you also need to know that nothing goes for nothing and as such, the latest movies on the TV platform of DivX crawler are not free. It will demand some level of token as a subscription.

DivX crawler Menu

On the home page of this site, you will see the menu which helps you to locate what you are looking for and make it easier for you to locate them. this are the features, you can check them out to also know other things you can as well download.

  • Menu for latest Movies
  • Quality Links,
  • DivX Support,
  • Music Videos
  • DivX Software
  • Movies Page 2
  • Movies page 3
  • Members Only Login
  • Latest Movies Full Streaming.

These are what the menu of this site contain, you can still check below to see how you can download your favorite movies on this platform.

DivX crawler – Free Movie Download

Downloading from this site, especially free movies with no membership, is hard according to some people. But, we are here to prove you wrong. once you follow the steps below, you will know that it is very easy to download movie on this website.

  • Launch your browser, make sure you are connected to internet.
  • On the search bar of the browser you open, type the URL which is so you can access the home page.
  • You will find the menu for different options
  • You will first see the recent movies listed, but if you want to download the latest movies, at the top corner of the screen, you will see the “latest movies” link click on it.
  • You can now select the particular movie that you want to download.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Choose the folder where you want to save the video
  • Wait for a while for it to download before you open it.

With the above instructions, I believe you can now download movies on this platform with both your mobile phone and your PC.

Software Tools on DivX crawler

This platform also have lovely software that contains Encoding / Video Fixing and Video players Software that help you corrupt and partially downloaded movies, it also warrant you to play all the movies you download online.

Audio Tools
Digital Tv
Media Players,
DivX/MPEG-4 Encoders
Descrambling / Ripping tools
Support Utils,
VOB Tools.
AVI Editing tools, and so on

You can also download the software, follow the steps to download any software you want.
Make sure you are connected to internet, then you move to home page yo find the software menu. Once you get to the homepage, you’ll see the menu for software, move to the menu and scroll down the list, so you can choose the software that you want to download. Hit the download link on the page, so you can download the software you want.

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Graphic design is simply the art of creating graphics; or producing something you can see on a surface. This can be done on canvas, stone, pottery, or — perhaps most commonly recognized today — on a computer screen. With so many different media to work with, the artistic method of graphic design covers visuals from drawings and symbols, to graphs and charts, custom logo design, book cover design, and more.

The history of graphic design stretches so far back that include the entire history of art. Here’s how graphic design got its start, and developed to where it’s at today.



Graphic design can be traced all the way back to 15,000 BC, when the first known visual communications arose. These pictographs and symbols are present in the Lascaux caves in southern France. Fast-forward several thousand years, and you’ll discover the Blau Monument. It’s the first known artefact to use both words and pictures on it.

Of course, these designed pieces are far from what we think of as graphic design today; but they helped spark the idea of placing images on surfaces, putting us on the path towards things like drawings, posters, banners, and more.



The invention of paper in 105 AD by a Chinese man led to the concept of printing. Nearly a millennium later (in 1045 AD), moveable type was invented, which allowed characters to be placed individually for printing. This led to faster printing options and more flexible, efficient systems. By 1276, a paper mill arrived in Fabricant, Italy — officially bringing printing to Europe.

It was in 1450, two hundred years after that first paper mill arrived in Europe, that the system for printing type in books was considered to be perfected. The first illustrations in a printed book followed shortly after, in 1460. Seventy years of printing went by before Claude Garamond opened the very first type foundry — in 1530 — which created and sold fonts to printers.



The Industrial Revolution hit in the 1760s, and ushered in a new age for graphic design. Innovative technologies began popping up at an unprecedented rate; including the method of lithography, which was a printing technique that helped reduce costs. The Industrial Revolution also welcomed the printing press in 1800, a machine that not only reduced labour by 90%, but also doubled the size of paper that could be printed.



Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, graphic design had been easing its way into business practices, and in the 1900s, its use exploded. In 1901, Frank Lloyd Wright released “The Art and Craft of the Machine,” which included basic principles still referenced in modern design. With the growth of the advertising industry and colour printing, businesses began creating logos to help brand their company. With a custom logo design, your company’s brand became more than just a name — it became a striking and memorable piece of art, with colour, shape, and composition all working towards making an impression on consumers.

Naturally, graphic design became widely used in advertising and other industries, marking beautiful designs on everything from posters to t-shirts, record covers, and more. As computer technology was invented and released throughout the late 1900s, designers began using digital tools — such as Photoshop, which was first released in 1990 — to create their images. These digital tools revolutionized the field.



Today, graphic design refers mainly to designing visuals for magazines, books, advertisements, and digital posters. This intensive branch of design involves the art form of communicating ideas through visuals and text. Graphic designers still use drawings and paintings in some cases, but much of graphic design today is completed using digital technologies. These modern graphic design skills can be applied to custom logo design, book cover design, magazine layouts, billboard advertisements, clothing design, online banner ads, and much more.

Graphic design has been around for quite some time, but as we view it today in the world of business, it’s only been alive for the last hundred years or so. Over those hundred years, graphic design has permeated the space of business and consumerism, grabbing our attentions, sparking our interests, or sometimes, blending seamlessly into our surroundings. It’s all around us; unless you’re looking for it, you may not realize how often it shows up in your daily life. Most likely, we can’t even begin to imagine where graphic design will take us in the future — after all, do you think the people printing words onto paper on the first paper mill could have imagined designing the digital banner ads, web pages, and branded logos we now skim past every day?

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Most Followed Accounts on TikTok in 2022

Do you know that TikTok newly crossed more than 800 million active users and it’s also gaining so much popularity these days. you will get stuff that keeps on entertain you on this particular app, stuff like dancing, singing, comedy and lot more As of January 2022 TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users and this particular app has been installed on devices three 3 billion times and it’s grown to become one of the most popular social media channel. But who are the Top most followed people on TikTok?
Who are the people that have the accounts that are attracting the most followers, Here are the people that have most-followed TikTok accounts. You can also find out who you should be following and what they’ve done to rake in millions of video views.

People that has the Most Followers on TikTok in 2022

  1. Khabane Lame (@khaby.lame)
  2. Charli D’ Amelio (@charlidamelio)
  3. Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)
  4. Addison Rea (@addisonre)
  5. Will Smith (@willsmith)
  6. Zach King (@zachking)
  7. Kimberly Loaiza (@Kimberly.loaiza)
  8. Burak Ozdemir (@cznburak)
  9. Dixie D’ Amelio (@dixieidamelio)
  10. Spencer X (@spencerx)
  11. Dominik (@domelipa)
  12. The Rock (@therock)
  13. Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)
  14. Micheal Le (@justmaiko)
  15. BTS (@bts_officail_bighit)
  16. YZ (@youneszarou)
  17. Riyaz (@riyaz.14)
  18. Kris HC (@kallmekris)
  19. Brent Rivera (@brentrivera)
  20. Junya (@Junya 1gou) and so on

Khabane Lame (@khaby.lame)

khaby lame
Khabane Lame, also known as simply khaby was born in Senegal but raised in Italy, and he have more than 144 million followers to TikTok, his claim to TikTok fame is short comedy skits about how people can complicate simple things, like cutting a cake, he can crack you up with his facial expression without saying a word and that make him the male TikTok influencer with the most followers
And this particular guy first joined TikTok after losing his job during the coronavirus (covid19) lockdown. His videos was funny and interesting and it’s prove that you don’t necessarily need to know how to sing or dance to be able to build a following/get more followers on TikTok.

Charli D’ Amelio (@charlidamelio)

Charli D' Amelio (@charlidamelio)
Charli D’ Amelio also known as @charlidamelio has the most followers on TikTok as of January 2022 with more than 134 million followers but now she have above 143 million followers,  According to The Wall Street Journal, she’s among the stars on this platform who make more than the CEOs of several S&P 500 companies. it’s not just regarding the number of TikTok followers that she have but the fact that she’s making millions from this particular platform as at 2021 her income was $17.5 million and she would have make more than that since this is a new year. and if you are wondering how she climb her way to be one of the highest paid influencers on TikTok.

She made all of this through dance and after her dance moves go viral/ reached viral status on TikTok, she caught the attention of the likes of the Jonas Brothers and The Tonight Show. Then one thing led to another and she get more followers and dollars.

Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)

Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)
Bella Poarch also known as @bellapoarch Before she turned to social media, she served in the US Navy and now she is one of the people that has the most followers on TikTok with more than 90 million followers, Now, she’s into a different kind of uniform aka cosplay, but it’s the video in which she lip-syncs “M to the B” by Millie B that’s received the most likes on TikTok.
She’s been on the platform for just over a year and, according to Exact NetWorth she get paid with $30,000 for a sponsored TikTok and Exact NetWorth estimates that her net worth can be as much as $2 million.

Addison Rea (@addisonre)

Addison Rea (@addisonre)
Addison Rea also known as @addisonre she is one of the people that has the most followers on TikTok, It took her only a few months after joining TikTok to get her first million followers and after two 2 years later she already have above 86 million followers. Addison Rae is best known for her dance videos In January 2022, she was named the Global Brand Ambassador for Vital Proteins and minted her first NFTs.

Will Smith (@willsmith)

Will Smith (@willsmith)
Will Smith, has the sixth most followers on TikTok with more than 72 million followers and his content has generated more than 424 million likes. This proves that not everyone on TikTok belongs to the millennial generation or is only known for their social media content. most celebrities’ have also turned to TikTok as another means to reach their fans.
Most users are not happy with the fact that he probably has a team of expert producers that edit some of his videos. It as also been suggested that his content might be sponsored by his movie projects. Considering the fact that he has also been famous for long before many of today’s TikTok stars were even born, he doesn’t need the platform as much as other creators who use it to earn a living.

Zach King (@zachking)

Zach King (@zachking)
Zach King also known as @zachking he Base in Los Angeles, he’s known for his short-form digital sleight of hand videos which have received more than 840 million likes as of January 2022. and now he have above 68 million followers, he is also an illusionist and American internet personality. Before he became famous on TikTok, He has awarded occasionally because of his videos including the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and YouTube’s NeXT up Creators Contest. and recently he has won a Steamy Award for Best Visual and Special Effects and this is his third Steamy award to date. His most impressive award, though, is probably winning Mr. Beast’s The Creator Games 3.

Kimberly Loaiza (@Kimberly.loaiza)

Kimberly Loaiza (@Kimberly.loaiza)
Kimberly Loaiza (@Kimberly.loaiza) is from Mexico and she is one of the biggest social media influencers on TikTok with more than 64 million followers her video’s due have more than 23,000 comments and her post have over 9 million views per post According to Hype Auditor 3% of her posts hit the “For you” tab and her viral video potential is ranked as high and she is also listed as the best top TikTok influencer from Mexico, she is also one of the best top YouTube influencers.

Burak Ozdemir (@cznburak)

Burak Ozdemir (@cznburak)
Burak Ozdemir (@cznburak) he’s a chef and a restaurateur from Turkey. He has more than 59 millions followers and his average number of views for per post is 2.5 million. He’s also the owner of a chain of restaurants with four branches, Hatay Civilizations Table and so on. His claim to fame is the gigantic-sized portions of Middle Eastern and Turkish foods When he cooks, he stares directly at the camera grinning from ear to ear. It’s not just his portions that are huge, but also his smile.

Dixie D’ Amelio (@dixieidamelio)

Dixie D' Amelio (@dixieidamelio)
Dixie D’ Amelio (@dixieidamelio) is the elder sister to Charli D’Amelio and she’s following in the footsteps of her younger sister but she concentrates more on music while her younger sister is best known for her dance moves, she’s released a couple of singles. her debut single was the number one trending video on YouTube for a while and she’s performed alongside the likes of the Ed Sheeran and Jonas Brothers. While she has attracted a valuable following of her own on TikTok, The first episode aired at the beginning of September 2021 and the show was renewed for a second season.

Spencer X (@spencerx)

Spencer X (@spencerx)
Spencer X (@spencerx) He is an American beatboxer and social media personality. With more than 55 million followers on TikTok and over 1.3 billion likes, He is one of the highest paid stars on this particular platform and he called himself the Mouth Music Man on TikTok, In 2020 TikTok announced that he will receive a portion of TikTok Creator Fund because he normally share original songs, tutorials and also beatboxing covers and this make his followers on TikTok taken notice of him, not only his followers but also TikTok itself. His annual earnings is over $1.2 million he has also caught the attention of big names/people in the industry and also collaborate with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys he is so talented.

Dominik (@domelipa)

Dominik (@domelipa)
Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo also known as domelipa Just like Kimberly Loaiza she also comes from Mexico. she is one of the top influencers on Instagram and she normally share modeling photos on Instagram, Due to her dance moves and lip-syncing skills, she have above 58 million followers on TikTok and over 14,000 comments and over 1 million likes per post.

The Rock (@therock)

The Rock (@therock)
The Rock (@therock) Is regarded as one of the top fitness influencers and rocks up in 13th spot with above 53 million followers on TikTok. He is an actor but he has a whole other career before he turned to the movie industry. he wrestled for the WWF For eight good years.

Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)

Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)
Jason Derulo is an international musician and an award-winning American singer, songwriter and dancer with over 52 million followers on TikTok. He is also one of the celebrity that turned to TikTok to a means of engaging with their fans.
In an interview with Complex Jason Derulo stated that unlike other apps, TikTok allows him to show his true self and that per TikTok video gives him about $75,000 and According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jason Derulo Net worth is about $16 million.

Michael Le (@justmaiko)

Michael Le (@justmaiko)
Michael Le AKA justmaiko started career on TikTok when it was still known as Musical. and just last than six years he has over 51 million followers. his younger siblings are good at dancing so he regularly collaborates with them in 2020 he created a Collab house, in Los Angeles and he called it Shluv House. Michael and the other members of Shluv House recently announced that they want to launch a new Brat TV produced on Facebook series called The Shluv Family. He also explained to Celeb Secrets that the key element to their success is them working together as a family.

BTS (@bts_officail_bighit)

BTS (@bts_officail_bighit)
BTS (@bts_officail_bighit) they are the South Korean band and they have racked up several other world records. In fact, they hold the record for the fastest time to get one million followers in TikTok. As of January 2022 BTS has nearly 46 million TikTok followers and now they have more than 51 million followers, they are also the most viewers for the premiere of a music video on YouTube and most followers on Instagram for a music group. They are so talented.

YZ (@youneszarou)

YZ (@youneszarou)
YZ (@youneszarou) he is best known for his illusion videos and he is a German influencer and social media personality with over 47 millions followers on TikTok and is net worth is above $300,000.

Riyaz (@riyaz.14)

Riyaz (@riyaz.14)
Riyaz Afreen (@riyaz.14) he’s better known for this duet and lip-syncing videos on TikTok,  but he is also an actor and fashion blogger from India. He his one of the highest paid TikTok influencers with over 45 million followers and he earn $35,000 per post his net worth is about $2 million.

Kris HC (@kallmekris)

Kris HC (@kallmekris)
Kris HC (@kallmekris) she created her TikTok account during the pandemic. she is a former hairdresser in Canada but now she mainly share lip-sync videos with funny facial expressions on TikTok, and she have over 44 million followers. she also shared on YouTube that she’s been struggling with mental health since middle school in may 2021 The video received a warm response and over 1.8 million views to date.

Brent Rivera (@brentrivera)

Brent Rivera (@brentrivera)
Brent Rivera (@brentrivera) is an Social media star, You Tuber and also an American actor he’s no overnight success like some of the other TikTok influencers. on our list but now he has generate a huge following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, he shared content and he have over 44 million followers on TikTok and over 1.3 billion likes.

Junya (@Junya 1gou)

Junya (@Junya 1gou)
Junya (@Junya 1gou) he’s made it onto the Top 20 list, He is best known for uploading weird food tricks and experiments.

He confidently claims that he will be the king of TikTok, but considering the fact that this platform have other accounts with the most followers and most of them have more than three times the number of his followers. he still has some way to go and he can still be the king of TikTok that he want to be, cause he was one of the  first influencer from Japan to reach more than 10 million TikTok followers and now he have over 44 million followers.

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Fzmovies Net - Download Free Movies Online

Fzmovies Net – Download Free Movies Online

Fzmovies Net - Download Free Movies Online is an online movies platform filled with amazing movies and entertainment content. You can also get the best content to watch and download on this platform. You can download all the latest movies you would like to download on your mobile phone and PC.

There are many other platforms to download movies from on the internet, but this particular one is quite easy to use and accessible.

Fzmovies contents are always updated. the website already contains 2021 movies, seasonal movies, TV series, action and funny movies and lot more. It also provides daily new movies that are released for it’s users, so the user can get new movies daily.

If you are a movie lover you will definitely love this website for downloading your favorite movies. Because this platform has all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Gujrati, action Hollywood movies, Fzmovies cartoons, Fzmovies and adventure movies. The famous thing about Fzmovies Net is its content diversity. There is plenty of content available on this website, if you are using this website you will not get bored. Because you will get all any type movie you want.

Categories of Movies on Fzmovies Net

Fzmovies Net have different categories and features movies. Below are the categories of movies that this platform can offer.

Action Movies
Comedy Movies
Horror Movies
Gujarati and lot more

Easy Way to Search For Movie on Fzmovies Net.

To watch/download your favorite movie on this platform is very easy. cause you can search for your favorite movie if you are not able to find it on the website. Fzmovies Net has an option that you can use to search for your the movies and TV series you want to that you want to download.

These features enable you to search for the movie you want download and you will get it immediately without any stress.

How to Download a Movie on FzMovies.Net

If you are finding it difficult to download movies on FzMovies.Net and you don’t know how to download them all you have to do now is to follow the guide below so you can be able to download free movies online on FzMovies.Net. Just carefully follow the steps.

  1. Launch your browser
  2. On the search bar of the browser you open, type the URL which is FzMovies.Net. so you can access the home page.
  3. Select any movie of your choice from the movie category on the homepage of the site.
  4. Look for the search bar and type in the name of the particular movie you want to download.
  5. Scroll down and tap on the name of the movie. This will leads you to a page to choose formats.
  6. On the next page, you will find different video formats ranging from 3gp, Mp4, and high MP4.
  7. Then select the server. We recommend you select the first server.
  8. Wait patiently for the movie to finish downloading.

If you have followed the steps above, by now your movies will be downloading to your device. So all you have to do is sit back, relax, sip your juice, and enjoy the interesting movie you just downloaded.

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Wapking Categories-How to Access Wapking


Just like many other website, Wapking is an online website that supports all mobile platforms. It also have a lot of digital electronic files available for users to download on their mobile phones. It is one of the website that users can access for downloads, you can download lot of things on this website. Things like movies, Mp3 Song, and Ringtone.
Are you looking for a website were you can be able to download mp4, video, mp3 song, themes, applications, and many other files? If yes, then, here is the good news from this website you can be able to download all of the files listed and lot more.


Wapking Categories

There are many categories of items that are found on Wapking website, and the categories are very amazing.
Below are the categories that are seen on the Wapking site or platform.

  • Videos.
  • Full mobile movies.
  • Mp3 songs.
  • Screen savers.
  • Apps.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Themes
  • Games.
  • Android Zone.
  • PC HD Video.
  • PC Software.
  • Flash Gallery.
  • Application.
  • Special Download.
  • User Request.
  • A to Z All Bollywood Mp3.
  • Latest Bollywood Mp3 Songs.
  • Top 21 Files.
  • Other Services.

These are some of the categories that you’ll find on Wapking website, but when you visit the website you will still discover many other categories.

Wapking Mp3 Songs Download

Wapking offers a huge amount of songs for you to download. Song on this portal is in mp3 format. This platform has classified songs published into different categories to enable the users to select the particular category they want to download from and to find their desired songs easily. Mp3 Songs on this portal are arranged in various categories. Below are the categories of songs you will find on the platform.

  • Bollywood Movie Mp3 Songs.
  • A to Z Bollywood Mp3.
  • A To Z mp3 Song.
  • Latest Bollywood Mp3 Songs.
  • DJ Remix Mp3 Songs.
  • Single Indian POP.
  • Love Mp3 Songs.
  • Sad Songs.
  • Bhojpuri MP3 Songs.
  • Gujarati MP3 Songs.
  • All Time Hit MP3 Songs.
  • Ghazal MP3 Songs.
  • Punjabi mp3 songs collection.
  • Funny MP3 song Collections.
  • Day Special Mp3 Songs collection.
  • Indian Pop Mp3 Songs.
  • Devotional Song (Bhajans).
  • Special Mp3 Songs.
  • Exclusive single Track.
  • TV serials full Song.
  • Daily new Song.
  • Non-Stop Hits Collections.
  • Old Hit Hindi Songs.
  • Bangladeshi Mp3.
  • Latest Bangla Songs.
  • BossMobi Exclusive Mp3 Songs.
  • Marathi Mp3 Songs
  • Kolkata Bangla Mp3 Songs and lot more.

How to Download Wapking MP3 Song

Downloading songs from this website is very easy because you don’t need any login detail or create an account to download songs from this Portal. You just need a web browser on your device to download the file from this portal. Unlike most websites, The site has been built in such a way that you go straight to the file that you want to download using the search button on the home page or you can just visit the categories where the file is located.
Below are the steps to guide you on how to download mp3 songs from this website.

  1. You must endeavor that you are connected to internet.
  2. Launch your desired browser
  3. On the search bar of the browser you open, Type in this URL Wapking. so you can access the home page.
  4. Scroll down to the last where you will find the categories.
  5. Then click on full mp3 songs to get categories of Mp3 song on the website.
  6. Click the sub-category where the song you want to download fall under.
  7. Tap on the song that you want to download.
  8. The song you want to download will display to you in different formats.
  9. Click on the desired format you wish to download, the song will start downloading immediately.

How to Download Movies on Movies

Like we mentioned earlier, there are many movies that you can download from this website. and there are some users/visitors that might find it difficult to download movie from Wapking site, so this is why i will be guiding you on how to download movies on this website.

Below are the steps to guide you on how to download movies from this website.

  1. You must endeavor that you are connected to internet.
  2. Launch your desired browser
  3. On the search bar of the browser you open, Type in this URL Wapking. so you can access the home page.
  4. Scroll down to the last where you will find the categories.
  5. Then click on movie categories to get the movie on the website.
  6. Click the sub-category where the movie you want to download fall under.
  7. Click on the movie that you want to download.
  8. The movie you want to download will display to you in different formats.
  9. Click on the desired format you wish to download, the movie will start downloading immediately.

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