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37 Online Marketing Tools and Strategies for Businesses

Many business owners still find it difficult to maintain their online presence, many are not consistent, many have given up or are thinking of giving up. If you are on this list, read this great content to the end to learn how Online marketing tools and strategies can save your business online.

Online Marketing Tools


Online Marketing Tools and Strategies

Steps to Grow your Audience Online

#1 – Create an online identity

This is the first and easiest step. It simply means you should have a social media profile or having a unique website or webpage (get one from nTells Store) for your business is more effective than having just Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram profile. 


#2 – Manage different online platform

A website is an online office or store, with social media profile and a unique website or webpage (like nTells Store), you can grow a large audience. You can use your online office to send products or create notifications to all other platforms or social media profiles at the same time.


#3 – Know the kind of content and notification to send

Ask yourself “what kind of content or notification will I be sending”. And before you can answer this, you need to know the kind of problem your audience has, understand them and create solutions to solve them.


#4 – Be consistent

Keep your online office or social media profile active by posting and sharing content regularly. This will give them reasons to check back and want to subscribe to know when you are posting and giving out valuable information. Send traffic from social media, or email list to your online office and get more or new users to subscribe.


Online marketing tools and strategies for selling products or services


Types of Selling

#1 – SOFT SALE – This involves you providing a write-up or post, to solve someone’s need and also provides additional information. If they want to purchase. Or it can be in form of an email sequence that someone gets when they visit your website for the first time.

Send them weekly emails, helping them solve the most asked questions and problems that your target audience asks. Also, give them options in the email to take it to the next level.

#2 – DIRECT SALE – Creating a full or complete online world includes running ads on the Google Adwords platform, Facebook Ads, etc. after you created your sales page, videos, webinar, or anything that presents your product to them.


Types of Marketing

#1 – Paid Marketing – This is a common strategy businesses use to grow or get attention. This involves using traditional ads methods (Google or Facebook ads etc) to direct users to your sales or website. Or by boosting YouTube videos ads, post on Facebook so that more people see your ads and click on them.

This requires an advanced digital marketer to help in Retargeting (set ads to show people who’ve been on your sales page, or who added products but don’t complete checkout, or even those who click a link from an email and didn’t take action.)


#2 – Content marketing – Content marketing is simply a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating, processing and distributing important and consistent content to attract your audience, drive profitable customer action, and finally to keep your customers.



37 Best Online Marketing Tools Trusted by the Experts

Google Search Console
Boomerang for Gmail
Google Analytics
Google Trends
Keywords Everywhere
Google Alerts
SE Ranking
Google Forms
HubSpot Forms
Tube Buddy
Zoho SalesIQ



Conclusion – What’s your Goal

Growing your organic traffic (creating awareness) is a great way to grow your organic sales for your business.

Use social media marketing to turn casual observer into a fan by building trust with people who follow you.

Use paid marketing as an intelligent traffic booster to your online office or store and boost your sales.

Youtube videos, blog posts, podcasts, and social media posts are great means of advertising your website, product or nTells store page.



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