5 Abbreviations used in the Technology Writing Parlance

Whether at home or at the office, we use some abbreviations, acronyms and buzzwords used in the technology writing parlance nearly everyday yet some of us do not have an idea of what these words actually mean.

See below some buzzwords that not only tech-savvy people should know as no knowledge is a waste.

technology writing

Technology Writing


It was not until Twitter was banned in Nigeria that many got know what a VPN is. Even at this, many still do not know what full meaning of VPN is despite using it. Whereas, VPN has always been around and and used by technically savvy persons.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that runs an encrypted connection over the internet from a handheld device or large operating system such as a personal computer. When used, VPN ensures sensitive information is shared securely and privately. It prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on your web activity.


Despite regular usage, many students and even workers use PDF files but do not know what it means.

PDF means ‘Portable Document Format’.

The (.pdf) format is required when you want to save your files ( including CV. Certificates etc) and you want these files to be unmodifiable but easy to share and print. With the use of Pdf reader software, you can read, share, and even append your signature digitally on .pdf formatted documents.


The HDMI has many has many things it can be used for both at the office and at home. For movie buffs that no longer rely on cable stations especially the Gen X, Y, Z, HDMI cable is useful to project movies from laptop to a bigger monitor like Television.

The full meaning of HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the most popular High Definition signal for transferring HD audio and HD video using a single cable.


“Can I connect to your WI-FI”? This is a regular request especially among young people and those that rely on low budget for data. WI-FI simply means ‘Wireless Fidelity”

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology (radio signal) sent from a wireless router to a close by device ( distance is relative depending on the network provider ). This radio signal translates the signal into usable data.


Some of us have been taught this in computer school but might have forgotten. These days, hardly will you find smartphone user who does not have a USB cable with which the mobile device is charged. Not only so, USB cables are also used to also transfer data and receive same. It simply means Universal Serial Bus. There are also USB flash drives which perform same function of transferring and storing of data.

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