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Android Terminal Emulator is an app that gives terminal access to communicate between the two computers. it enables Linux on your android device. Most people are looking for these types of apps and most already have a favorite. However, it doesn’t hurt knowing about a few more. Here are the best terminal emulators, and command-line apps, that will give you a complete Linux environment for your phone.

1. Shell Commander

GitHub - sergev/bash-commander: Version of the GNU Bourne Again shell extended with two-panel file manager.

Shell Commander is an easy-to-use shell created using Eclipse, Inkscape, and GIMP, Shell Commander is the all-in-one Android terminal emulator you would love to use. Thanks to the built-in text editor, you can easily view, edit, modify and enter commands. Additionally, if you are a power user, Shell Commander will allow you to run commands as root.

2. Termius

Termius - SSH platform for Mobile and Desktop

Termius is another larger option in the terminal emulator’s space. It has support for a ton of things, including the basics like Telnet and more complicated stuff like ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305. The app also has themes, 2-factor authentication, automatic OS recognition when you remote connect, and more. There is a premium version and it’s a subscription.

3. Termux

Termux screenshot


A powerful android terminal emulator, Termux is the most popular terminal emulator on the list by download count, lets you enjoy shells as well as edit files and access servers. Based on the C language, Termux is a complete package with built-in features for productivity as well as entertainment. It does what you need it to do and it doesn’t get in your way while you do it. It’s also free with no ads and in-app purchases.

4. CommandBot

The best terminal emulators for Android - Android Authority

Command Bot is a free and open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client. It works like an SSH client should along with some extra features for you power users out there. You can manage multiple sessions, create secure tunnels, and you can do basic stuff like copy and paste between apps. The Command Bot is also very easy to use.

7. Linux Deploy

android terminal emulator


Linux Deploy lets you use Linux on any android device by enabling you to run a host of Linux files with supported distributions for Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Arch Linux, Fedora, Gentoo, and much more. It supports various architectures and file systems as well.

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