Blog Images: How To Get Images For Your Posts

Blog images are one of the hurdles new bloggers face when starting their blogging journeys. Because there is this warning you get that you should don’t use images that are copyrighted it can send the Google infringement hammer crashing your site down.


So the main question is how do I get blog images on my posts?

Tips To Get A Copyright Free Blog Images

If you are into blogging for AdSense purpose, then you must have known how serious google takes copyright and plagiarism on words and images. As such these are the explorable option to get really cool images that you can use on your blog post without stepping on any of Google’s red tapes.

Self Photography

Taking your own pictures is one of the excellent options to get blog images. This, however, requires just an investment in a digital camera or a camera phone,  it is simple as setting up a scene or take random pictures that relate to the content that you are creating.

Photoshopped images

One of the most utilized options is using photo editing software to compose blog images from scratch. However, it might require an intermediate skill level in the use of photo editing software. Adobe photo software is a highly recommended application that you can use. You can improve your skill from YouTube videos.

A website with Copyright Free Images

You can also get blog images from copyright-free image websites such as or pixels. However, there are some free images that you can also get on Google. The images might be somewhat as related you can choose to tune them up using photo editors or find one that relates partially to your post. Most of these websites have tons of images that would serve a variety of posts.

Buy Blog images

Shutterstock is one of the popular websites where you can pay for the image right. It consists of a huge collection of images that you can purchase and use on your posts. The Images might be displayed as preview images until you make a purchase.

Acknowledge Image owner

Finally, there are situations where you can not avoid images with copyrights. Especially on the news blog platform as such AdSense rules requires that you sight the image source appropriately. Doing that clears every unfair usage of the image.

Doing the following frees users/bloggers from possible infringement of image rights.

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