Blog: The Technical Know-hows Of The Blogging World

Through the internet, we are exposed to so many things as well as many people. It is incredible knowing that we are able to connect with millions of people at once. Sharing stories, pictures, messages etc. Originally, people gathered physically for this kind of meet-ups but now it has become an online thing. This automatically takes us to the world of blog.


What is a Blog?

A blog, originally weblog, is a platform where writers share opinions on different subjects. A blog is also a conversational website where we see posts that are informal in nature. The world of blogging did not start today. A blog was originally set up to update the audience on someone’s day to day life. Presently, blogs are written not just for personal updates. It is used for businesses, news and social networking. Many people use it to promote their products or business, share stories and articles on various topics and so on. With the use of blog, you can connect with thousands of people easily. It can be seen as a kind of journal maintained by one person or a group of persons. This leads us to the bloggers.


Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is technically someone that writes a blog. The blogger may be the owner of the blog. He/she updates the blog with trending information on anything to the targeted audience. Being a blogger is not easy. You have to think outside the box. Be clever, strategic, artistic, creative and enlightened on any topic you wish to write. You should know how to use the social media to promote your blogs. And most importantly, as a blogger, you should have good writing and editing skills. The way you write definitely determines how attractive your blog will be.


How do you make money from a Blog?

Blogging, today has become a wonderful hobby. It is a great way to express your passion about a particular topic to many people via the net. It is also a means of sharing knowledge about something. But, a blog is also used as a means of making money. Here are 10 ways, out of many, to make money out of a blog:

  • Creating online workshops/courses

You can decide to create online courses related to topics in your blog. Most people make a lot of money doing this. Research shows that most successful blogs are characterized with online courses. By doing this, you are making money as well as providing services to your audience.

Make money 4


  • Using affiliate marketing on your blog

Affiliate marketing is a common means of income for bloggers. Here, you have to recommend the products or services of other companies to your readers in order to make a commission. You earn when a reader clicks on the link you provided for him/her to make a purchase. The link help readers to have access to the website of the company selling the brand. Almost all online ecommerce websites have an affiliate program. Among these are Apple, Amazon, Topshop, Affiliaxe, clickbank etc. The key to a successful marketing is being genuine about the product or service. Encourage your readers to get such because you also feel that it is a good product or service for them.


  • Selling Adverts on your sites

This may not be the biggest way to earn through your blog but it is still a supplementary income source. You can decide to sell ad space on brands related to your readers. Adverts on fashion, food recipes or news can easily be monetized. These ads are found across the top of blog pages or in the sidebar. You can earn in two ways. You’ll get a set payment when a reader clicks the advert (CPC). Or you negotiate a set payment for every 1000 likes the ad gets (CPM).


  • Offering your services

Another way to earn is by offering your services to your audience. This helps to build up your reputation especially as a beginner. Sell services that relate to the topic of your blog. E.g. catering for food blog, fashion designs for fashion blog etc.


  • Publishing EBooks

It’s seen that a few writers have achieved successful blogs by engaging in publishing deals. You can charge fee to readers to access to eBooks.

Make money 3


  • Organizing conference videos

As time goes on, your blog takes off and you will probably get questions from your readers. You can’t answer all one at a time. Therefore, organizing conference meetings with your audience is the best way. And it is amazingly profitable. Doing this helps you communicate with your readers easily.

Make money 2


  • Create a job board

You can create a job board on your blog. This is a great way to make your readers visit your site again and again. Through this, you get to earn income and provide services. In these times, where unemployment has increased, you create the hope of getting a job by posting available employment opportunities on your job board.


  • Sponsored content

You can make money by creating contents on a brand or a product for a particular company. Sponsored content sure looks like a normal blog post but it is geared towards attracting a potential audience. Companies work with bloggers as a way of advertising their product or service in an editorial way. They see you as the way to reach your special audience.


  • Consultation/coaching services

Sometimes, your readers may have some questions or need some help on something related to your post. Offering coaching services builds the bound between you and your audience. It makes you better understand the needs of your target audience. You can offer advice on any topic like relationships, lifestyle, fitness, graphic design services and so on.

Make money 1


  • Premium gated content

Premium content means charging fee on – an eBook, downloadable guide etc. This simply means the reader will have to pay to access such content. To achieve this you put the content behind a paywall. You can get a paywall by using plugins like tinypass, leaky paywall, pigeon paywall, Memberpress, etc.


Rundown of Blog Examples To Get Inspired

List of blogs to make money from:

There are thousands of blogs on the web worldwide but now, we focus on those that make money the most. These blogs are popular and successful at the same time. It is seen that that they follow in the same footsteps. They are able to adopt new trends and manage their readers. They are grouped into: Finance, Fashion, Travel, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Pet, Marketing, Mom and DIY blogs. Anyway, I’m going to mention examples for a few from the list above:


Finance Blogs-

  • Nerd Wallet

blog example 2

The ‘Nerd Wallet’ blog was created to help you make all the right money moves. It has grown into one of the best financial blogs online. It has attracted millions of monthly readers. The blog helps you to make financial decisions on credit cards, banking , insurance etc.

  • Just Start Investing

blog example 1

This is a finance blog that centers on making investment easier and simpler. Most of its content relates to investment strategies including budgeting, banking etc.

  • Mint

Make money 5

Mint (Intuit Mint Life) is a personal finance software company that also has the best finance blogs online. The contents are provided by a team of financial experts. They cover topics like travel jobs, budgeting including covering finances relating to the COVID 19.

Fashion Blogs-

  • Style Rave

fashion blog 1

Style Rave is a Nigerian blog that presents the best in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture and so on. This is a top fashion and lifestyle portal where fashion trends and innovative lifestyles meet.

  • Sincerely Jules

fashion blog 2

Sincerely Jules is one of the top blogs in the US. Created in 2009, Jules (the owner) writes inspirational posts, daily thoughts and so on. Her blog is famous for sharing her fashion ideas, turning it into a top international fashion sensation.

Travel blogs-

  • Uncornered Market

The “Uncornered market” was created by Audrey and Dan. They tell great stories with incredible photographs of where they’ve been. Their blog centers on cultural travel and sustainability issues. That is, they focus more on the people they meet than the places they are.

  • Anywhere We Roam

travel blog 1This blog is much loved because it emphasizes the atmospheric and immense photography that Anywhere you roam is a sight to behold. Their photos and write-ups are top-notch. An example is in the article “Impressions Of Havana”.

Fitness blog-

  • My fitness pal

This is a blog that helps people to lose weight. The site also provides a great set of apps to keep track of your weight and exercise more. It also has a lively blog section where users learn more about all things related to fitness.

  • Born fitness

Born fitness is created to answer questions on nutrition and exercise. They make money through health coaching.

Food blogs-

  • Sassy Spoon

The sassy spoon’s content are arranged by recipe, time-limits, diet and meal. This makes the site easy to navigate for any type of reader. This blog, for example, has made over 100k in 2019 through adverts, coaching and affiliate marketing.

  • The Recipe Critic

The blog was created by Alyssa Rivers in 2012. The site makes food recipes for meals, snacks and dietary needs available. You can also browse recipes of any food.

Lifestyle blogs-

  • Advice From A Twenty-Something

This is a lifestyle blog for the average 20-year-old. Its content is filled with anything a 20-year-old wants to know about. Examples are Dating, fitness, fashion, food, etc.

List of free blog sites in 2021: Checked and Reviewed

Are you looking for sites to start your blog for free? Here are a few of them listed below. They are authentic sites and are seen as the best so far this year.

Wix is a free website builder that is very modern and it can be used by beginners and advanced bloggers. It has excellent designer-made templates. It is also very flexible. That is, it does not limit the extent to moving elements on the site. Their impressive layouts are designed for small businesses, online stores and artists (e.g. photographs). It is also among the few website builders to allow animating texts or other elements. Wix offers excellent drag n’ drop site builders to create small websites. It also offers free and reliable hosting.


Medium is a multipurpose platform that tackles diverse topics. According to Wikipedia, it is a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas, large and small. It is a website builder for long write-ups and expressing views on broad topics. Its biggest advantage is that a wide range of audiences is exposed to it. Records show that 60 million readers visit it per month and it is still increasing. It might not be the overall best among other blog websites but it still has amazing features for you to choose it.



WordPress ( &

WordPress has two platforms; and They are both good and free blog sites but they still have their differences. is a blog site mainly for beginners or hobbyists rather than business people or designers. Because of its simple nature, it is easier to use than The main downside of is that it has limited options. You can’t do much like customizing your site or choosing how it functions. is another blog site that has both the free and paid modes. With this, you can build your site by yourself, therefore having control over your site. Unlike, it is directed to designers, business people, online stores, and so on. There might be some things to pay for like web hosting or domain name. But you get to choose the ads that appear in your site especially those that profit you. It is also known for its beautiful and customizable designs and its fast and secure hosting.

Weebly is another free website builder that is easy to use especially for beginners. This is because it has few features. It can not only used for blogging but to sell products or showcase portfolios. On its free plan, you get five custom pages, 500MB storage, advert spaces and a Weebly subdomain.


It said that this is not people’s first choice. It does not change the fact that it is a good free blogging site. This is because of its easy tools and pre-existing audience. The audience here includes professionals and business owners. The report shows that 30 million businesses use the Linkedin blog sites.

linked in

Getting a blog name generator

Getting a name for your blog is the step for starting a blog. A blog name generator helps you to come up with nice-sounding names for your blog. Your blog name may depend on your keywords or your brand.
Here are few blog name generators to choose from:

  • Blog name generator by Themeisle

The blog name generator is still new to the Themeisle family but considerable time has been spent on its development. It has an easy-to-use interface. To use it, just put in your seed term – something that describes the type of blog that you want to build (or describes your niche). Give it a couple of seconds, and the generator will come back with a list of new domain names that are available to be registered, plus some premium alternatives.

  • Wordoid

Wordoid is an intelligent naming tool that helps you choose quality names using no more than 15 letters. Type in your keyword, select the quality level, and the language you want. You can choose more than one language. Specify the location of the keywords in the name. Wordoid will come up with a number of options and their availability for registration.

  • Domainwheel

Domainwheel is simple to use, yet very creative. One of its amazing features it shows up a lot of available domain options, so you don’t start regretting you didn’t register one earlier. Let’s see how it works;
You first add in your keyword(s) of choice. It can be something common, related to your business, or it can be a sequence of two or three words. Then, hit ‘Search Domain’ and get the wheel spinning.

  • Zyro Business name generator

This name generator goes to business people. It is carefully integrated with AI technology that allows it to provide the best industry examples when generating a new business name. All you have to do is to type in the keyword related to your business or your blog. And then, a list of names will be generated.

  • Lean domain search

The developers of the lean domain search tool are the ones who created WordPress. It is a simple and free-to use blog name generator. You should expect thousands of blog names after entering your keywords and pressing search.

Writing your blog post

Research shows that a successful blog post is made of various elements like writing style, keywords, image, catchy subheadings etc. Your post should display expertise, a vision of authority and be trustworthy. Your blog post should have up to 1000 to 1500 words with highly relevant keywords. This helps boost your relationship with the audience, your visibility and brand awareness.

Now let’s look at how to write a blog post:

  1. First of all, you plan your blog post by selecting a topic, creating an outline, conducting research and checking facts.
  2. Then you create a heading that capture reader’s attention and is also informative.
  3. Write your post. Either you write your entire draft at once or one after the other. I prefer you to write it at once and get it over with so that you don’t forget crucial points.
  4. Add images to your post to enhance it improve the flow and add humor.
  5. Finally, you edit your post. Check out for repetition and also its flow. Have someone else read it and give you feedback. I advise to avoid being a perfectionist, just write on and go with the flow of words.

10 Blog Ideas to Excite your Audience

Writing a blog post isn’t as easy as it looks. Below are some blog ideas to get to your audience’s hearts:

  1. Write inspirational stories because they do sell. The audience love to read success stories. You can read Sarah Titus story of her transformation from homeless to hero making millions online.
  2. Listen to the problems of your audience on a daily or weekly basis and try to provide solutions to them. The purpose of blogging is to be helpful to your audience. Visitors will definitely come back.
  3. Podcasting is a good way of blogging because it makes things easier for the audience. It is like having a radio show. Some web users love listening to radios because they can do other things like driving/cooking, while listening.
  4. Its a general fact that everyone loves videos. Videos are the best form of content. Create a video on your blog on a topic your audience will love and publish it.
  5. You can write reviews on a product that your audience purchase. Your opinion really matters to them because they believe you are more informed. Write the pros and cons of each product and give your recommendation.
  6. Compile information from various experts, adding your own thoughts and turning it to a blog post. This gives your blog a more solid background.
  7. Writing case studies means sharing real life stories of individuals and businesses that have succeeded in various situations.
  8. Infographics are another way to attract your audience because they are easier and fun to read. You can create an infographic with tools like Picktochart or canvas or hire a graphic designer.
  9. Tutorials
    Tutorials are used to explain a lot of things. They can be written or made as videos that are more informative and engaging. Try to write a tutorial that explains how to perform a particular skill or idea that your audience needs.
  10. You can provide humor by posting funny posts. This is purely for fun and to entertain your audience.

Blog Templates to Choose from

Before working on your blog, you have to select a theme for it. This helps to highlight your content. Here are few blog templates from different blog sites:

  1. Hueman(WordPress)
  2. Writee (WordPress)
  3. Astra (WordPress)
  4. Moderne(WordPress)
  5. Xpress(blogger)
  6. Xpress(blogger)
  7. Going places(Wix)
  8. Train of thoughts(Wix)
  9. The book lover(Wix)
  10. Soracart(Blogger)
  11. Photonic(Blogger)
  12. Haberdasher(Weebly)
  13. Infiniti(Weebly)
  14. Cento(Weebly)
  15. Birdseye 2(Weebly)
  16. Fusion(Weebly)
  17. Lovecraft(WordPress)
  18. Admiral(WordPress)
  19. Mesmerize(WordPress)
  20. Satori(WordPress)


My final words on blog:

Writing a blog is just like driving a car. No matter how much you prepare to drive, facing the the actual road is another experience entirely. The same goes for writing a blog. A successful blog is written with a cool mind, letting your ideas and feelings flow into your words. Blogs achieve a lot of  things in today’s world. For personal use, promoting businesses and sharing information.

If you decide to start one, take my advices to heart. I say so myself because, it wasn’t easy for me on my first start. It is a gradual process to become an expert blogger. It needs diligence, patience and a lot of attention. When you give your audience what they need, it wins their loyalty towards your blog. They will surely continue visiting you because they know you give them something new and fresh to learn.

As for the blogging sites, I recommend WordPress. Research shows that it is the king of free blogging sites. It really has amazing features compared to the others. But the decision is up to you. You know what you want and you’re free to choose from wherever. If you have any questions or opinions, please do on the comment bar below.

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