Building the perfect website with SEO design

Website is an online office, containing world wide web pages connected to each other through hyperlinks and hosted in a server by an individual, government, organization, educational institute etc. A website with SEO is simply a website developed with functionalities or plugins that focuses on and increase the quantity and quality of traffic through organic search engine results.


How to build a website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To complete a professional website, make sure your website appears in search engine, and by optimizing your content, you’re making sure search engines knows your site exists. (eg. using the Google XML sitemap).

Great plugins website with SEO uses


  1. Yoast SEO – Get more visitors from Google and Bing, attract more audiences from social media platforms and helps in increasing your readers’ engagement.
  2. Google XML sitemap – Helps to improve SEO by creating special XML sitemaps which helps search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your website.
  3. All-in-1 SEO pack – Helps to improve your website’s SEO rankings and uncover new growth opportunities easily and faster.

Building a website with SEO

Here are the functionalities, plugins and ways to build a professional website with SEO (WordPress and HandCode websites)

  1. Limit your plugin to the ones you need. Too many plugins can slow down your website and you always need to update it.
  2. Configure your Yoast plugin. Complete settings like website verification, etc.
  3. Enable XML sitemap, Yoast settings has a section for this, using Google Webmaster. This is the most important aspect of making a website SEO optimized, for posts and web pages.
  4. Always use focus keywords or keyphrase – This makes it easy to rank in your webpages or websites with SEO. (if used correctly, when people search for it your web page or post shows up.) 
  5. Make sure your URLs (permalinks) include keywords or key phrases.
  6. Reading ability help make your post or web page more readable and SEO optimized.


How to speed up your website with SEO

  • Slow loading site has high bounce rate, and this can affect your SEO, Google analytics results, user bounce rate and website generally.
  • Many search engines, especially Google search engine, does not like ranking websites that doesn’t speed up their system.
  • Use WPS super cache and WordPress Total cache plugin (In your WordPress website dashboard, go to Settings Cache Update service change to Advance) this turns your heavier, slower loading PHP files to HTML file and has a high effect in making your website load faster.
  • Enable Content Delivery Network (CDN)A network where your files are getting from the closest server to the user (files are stored on different servers).
  • Preload Enable – This helps to create cache file for your website to improve Google ranking.

Testing the speed of your website

Use Solarwinds Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights

google pagespeed insights


Google Analytics and other useful plugins settings for website with SEO

Google Analytics – Sign up for Google Analytics Account (you can use your Gmail account to log in if you have one). See all analytics from Dashboard (displays top 5 pages). Input and save the access code to your website.

Akismet Plugin – Use the Akismet plugin to block spam comments. Activate and get API key.

URL Redirect Plugin – Use Pretty link Redirect and Link Shortner to redirect URL to a specific URL. Paste the link into target URL and re-customize the Link. You can also change the target URL and it changes automatically.

Contact forms with WP Form (for fast and secure contact form)

  1. Go to the menu option, add new, enter the name of the form.
  2. Drag and drop form components from the left section of your screen.
  3. Save and copy form embedded code to your contact page.
  4. Add reCaptcha for WPForms settings (helps to prevent robots from scamming your website)

Discuss (manages comments on your website)

Sumo (helps to integrate the email capture tool with your website seamlessly). 

Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

    1. MailChimp (1,200 monthly, 2,000 sales)
    2. ConvertKit plugin for WordPress
    3. Aweber
    4. Mail profits (Newsletter) subscriptions, etc
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