Tubidy Mobile - How to use Tubidy music download feature

Tubidy Mobile – How to use Tubidy music download feature: Hello guys.., So I was surfing the internet, looking for a platform to download some popular music’s and videos, then I came across the Tubidy platform. I got many popular contents with good quality for free on Tubidy search section.

Welcome to Tubidy or Tubidy. blue search & download millions videos for free, easy and fast with our mobile mp3 music and video search engine without any limits, no need registration to create an account to use this site what only you need is just type any keywords onto the search box above and click “submit” or just by browsing media categories by clicking ‘bar’ menu or browse recants videos downloaded by other users or searches.

This article is prepared

for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

 Renaud Kuiper pockets huge credits for the company’s establishment and outburst of reputation in both MP3 and MP4 media services. MP3 audio coding format is perhaps one of the most reliable pillars at Tubidy.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article

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FzMovies -Download Movies and Contents for FzMovies Series .FzMovies series is a site dedicated to making your favorite and recent movies, series, Tv shows, and seasonal movies available to you in a very convenient way. The site gives you an updated list of all movies you can download from the comfort of your home.



The popularity of Fzmovies website is always growing, the internet holds different good websites and fzmovies.net is no exception. In 2020, Fzmovies net website turns 8 (eight years of existence), and this was shared on her Twitter and Instagram page, and people are still talking about this.


This write up “Fzmovies Net Download Online Movies” shows how downloading movies series, mp3 audios, different kinds of videos from different arranged categories is free and easy as the main purpose of the Fzmovies net website. So in this article, we bring to you a step-by-step method through which you can access the FzMovies and download movies, series, FzMovies contents and more in a very easy and convenient way.


We will not be held responsible for your activity or downloads from the said website (fzmovies.net). We provide this piece of write-up as a means of educating our users on how to navigate through the platform and consume content provided from it.

How can I download or access Fzmovies contents?

How to Download Online Movie for Free Using Fzmovies Net Download and Search Feature

If you`re wondering whether your favorite movie is online and possible to download, why not visit Fzmovie.net, since it is a very popular movie website online. It is easy to navigate this website through a phone or tablet. Follow this process to make a download:

  1. In your browser, enter the address fzmovies.net to go to the homepage. Scroll download little to the search feature.
  2. In the field provided for the search, you can enter the movie name, or director name or search by the cast. Whichever data you entered, check the selection below for easy search result to be provided for you.
  3. The result page gives you what you need or shows you that there is no result (check below to make movie request). If a file is found, click on the movie`s title and scroll down to the “Download File” section. Where you have the options to pick from any of the following formats: 3gp, mp4, or high definition mp4. Click on any format to begin the download process.


How can I Search for Movies to download on Fzmovies?

Other Online Download Video Methods from Fzmovies Net

There are different ways through which you can search for movies to download on Fzmovies. You can navigate through the site in the simplest of ways. The major and easy ways through which you search are By;

  • Movie name
  • Director name
  • Starcast
  • Year of release


  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood

But now it’s, even more easier and convenient to search for movies, you can simply do that by using the advanced search. The advanced search is simply using a voice recorder to search for movies which makes more easier and less stressful. If you don`t want to use the search feature or you just want to download from any category in Fzmovies, simply scroll down a bit after the search portion of the website, you will see 2 (two) sections or categories: Bollywood Movies and Hollywood Movies. The Bollywood categories contain:

  • Filmfare Awarded Movies
  • Latest Updated Movies

The Hollywood movies categories contained:

  • IMDB Top 250 movies
  • Latest Updated Movies

When you click on any movie from any category, you will see a similar page where you can click on the link and then scroll down in the next page after the descriptions to click a download format to initiate the download process. You can also download the subtitle of any movie by visiting the same homepage, scroll past the formats available, then under the video formats available for download is the subtitle link. You can click on it to download the subtitle of the movie. Sometimes you may be redirected to another website (doesn`t really matter), simply close and continue your process on Fzmovies Series.


How to download a movie’s subtitle on Fzmovies Series

Subtitles are key, they are important especially for movies which was not acted using your official language. You would want a translation to your language so you can easily relate to the movie and understand better the message it is passing across. Although Fzmovies do not host any subtitle file, yet there are 5 simple steps through which you can download subtitle on Fzmovies

  • Click on the subtitle link which is just below the high MP4 link
  • Check the quality of the movie you have downloaded ( DVDRip or Bluray) and then copy the text given in the below text field.
  • Place the copied text in the Google search above and click on search.
  • Select an appropriate link for the subtitle
  • Now just find the download link for the subtitle

Why do you need Fzmovies Net Download Website?

This website is very simple and easy to navigate, unlike many other download websites where you see adverts everywhere, long information about a particular service, different links, no search feature, maybe low-quality content. But Fzmovies homepage shows you a logo, a search feature with different options for Movie Name, Director, Starcast, Bollywood, and Hollywood. It also shows the social media links to follow and some few relevant links and posts. It shows you the movies downloaded or watched by many users and allows you to navigate and browse through different categories if you don`t want to perform a search. Another powerful reason why you should use Fzmovies is that it contains quality high definition videos with fewer sizes, cool contents like subtitles can also be downloaded. Finally, you have the opportunity to request content or movie to be added to their list for consumption. To do this simply scroll to the bottom of the website and click on “Movie Request”, complete the necessary information and wait for a response.


Quality of movies available for download on Fzmovies

The quality of movies available for download are high-quality movies and user-friendly type. A lot of people want a clear version or even the clearest version of any movie they want to watch or download, at Fzmovies they got you covered on that you can download movies with high qualities like HD MP4 and 3Gp


What type of Contents does Fzmovies Net Download support?

There are different contents with different format/type. You will mostly find the mp3 or mp4 format. It is Recommended to download 3gp and Mp4 format for basic and medium end mobile phones and High Mp4 format (this is equivalent to MKV) for high-end Mobile phones, tablets or ipads. You should know that h264 codec is one of the best video compressors providing best quality under the equal sized mpeg4 and Xvid format (avi). You may want to get this content type as it provides the best audio type.


What movies are available for download on Fzmovies?

There are a thousand and one movies available for download on Fzmovies but we will give you a quick rundown of the top recent movies available for download;

  • Bad boys for life (2020)
  • Bloodshot (2020)
  • Onward (2020)
  • Extraction 2020 (2020)
  • Sonic the hedgehog (2020)
  • My Spy (2020)
  • Like a boss (2020)
  • The invisible Man 2020 (2020)
  • Do-little (2020)
  • Birds of Prey (2020)
  • The old Guard (2020)
  • To All the boys P.S. I Still Love You (2020)
  • Artemis Fowl (2020)
  • Fantasy Island (2020)
  • Trolls World Tour (2020)
  • Angels Fallen (2020)
  • The Grudge 2020 (2020)
  • Project Power (2020)
  • The Gentlemen (2020)
  • Justice league Dark Apokolips War (2020)


In summary,

There are so many online movie downloader websites and web apps to get cool and new movies, as a result many people still have issues downloading new movies. If you really want to see HD quality movies with low size and clear pictures, FzMovies Series (Fzmovies net) is a free movie website online with powerful contents in different formats like 3gp/mpeg4 codec, Mp4/h264 codec. There are four simple steps through which you can download movies on FzMovies

  1. Go to the site by clicking on the link
  2. Surf through the Hollywood or Bollywood categories and select the movie(s) of your choice.
  3. Click on the format you want to download the movie, there is HD, MP4 and 3Gp quality format.
  4. Click on download and wait for it to finish.

I hope this was helpful? Please tell us your experience (pros or cons) in using the FzMovies website to download videos and search for content.

How to Organize iPhone Folders and Apps copy

Organize iPhone: This article shows you the trick in managing your iPhone home screen, so you don’t need to ask how to make iPhone folders and apps shortcuts anymore.



Creating a folder in your iPhone home screens is a similar process to many other devices. Arranging your iPhone home screen helps reduce clutter on the home screen, it makes it easy to use your iPhone if all your apps are organized.

Once you learn the trick of how to do this, and how easily you can delete or manage apps from your iPhone home screen, you will always want your iPhone home screens organized.

How to Organize iPhone Folders in your iPhone Home Screens

To organize iPhone apps and create iPhone folders
  • First, go to your home screen, this is where you create the folder by lightly tap and hold one of an app until all apps on your home screen start shaking slowly (This is the same process that you use to re-arrange apps).
  • Drag the app on top of another app you want to be in the same folder. When you notice that the app seems to be very close and overlaps each other, then take your finger off the screen and this creates the folder automatically.
  • Depending on the version of the iOS you’re running, you might get a different result. iOS 7 the folder takes up the entire screen, requesting a name to overwrite the default name. Using iOS 4-6, you’ll notice 2 (two) apps with the name of the folder in a strip across the screen for you to change.
  • Any version you use will always show a default folder name. You can always edit the default name by typing immediately you see a highlighted text or tap on the name to rename the folder.
  • To add more applications to the folder at any time, simply tap on the wallpaper to minimize the folder and then drag more apps into the new folder.
  • After selecting the apps, click on the add icon, then click on the home button on the front of your screen to commit changes to your iPhone.
  • If you want to edit an existing folder, simply tap and hold the folder until it shakes.
  • Tap again, and then you’ll notice that the contents of the folder are displayed, that way you can do iPhone apps uninstall or tap the remove or add an icon to manage apps, and you can still edit the folder’s name.
  • You can also add more applications by dragging them in.
  • Click on the home button to save and commit the changes made.

How to Arrange Folder in your iPhone Home Screens

To move around and organize the apps you’ve downloaded, you’ll

  1. Touch and hold an app on the Home Screen, then you tap Edit Home Screen. The apps begin to jiggle.
  2. Drag the app to one of the following locations:
  • Another location on the same page
  • The Dock at the bottom of the screen
  • Another Home Screen page. To drag an app to the right edge of the screen, you might need to wait a second for the new page to appear. The dots above the Dock show how many pages you have and the one you’re viewing.


Create A Folder For Your Apps


A convenient thanks to organize iPhone app collection is to sort your apps into folders. you’ll make any number of folders and provides them unique names, making it a simple thanks to save space and quickly find similar apps.

1. Tap and hold your finger on an app icon and choose “Edit Home Screen” so you’ll move them.

2. Find two apps that you simply want to store during a folder. Drag one app on top of the opposite – you ought to see a frame appear round the app on rock bottom – and abandoning. If you’ve got trouble with this, make certain that you simply drag the app directly over the middle of the opposite icon. If you approach it too far off-center, that app will simply land next to the opposite.

3. Drag any additional apps into the new folder.

4. Tap the folder. If you are still in “jiggle mode,” you’ll rename the folder. Tap the name at the highest of the screen and sort to vary it.

When you make the folder, it’ll tend a reputation automatically supported what apps are inside it.
When you make the folder, it’ll tend a reputation automatically supported what apps are inside it.
5. Tap anywhere on the screen to save lots of your changes to the folder.

6. When you’re done, press the house button or tap “Done” within the upper-right corner, depending upon which model iPhone you’re using.

If you would like to get rid of an app from a folder, just enter “jiggle mode,” open the folder, and drag the app out of the folder. Once you’re taking all the apps out of a folder, it’ll delete itself.

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9 Entertainment Website to Download and Stream Movies copy

9 Entertainment Website to Download and Stream Movies, here are great websites you can download and watch free movies for free.

#1. Hoopla

It is the world’s populated source for movie, TV and celebrity content. It is an online database of information related to things like content online including cast, crew, and summaries of the plot. Patrons of libraries that assist Hoopla all have access to the collection of digital media.

#2. IMDb

It is the world’s populated source for movie, TV and celebrity content. It is an online database of information related to things like content online including cat, crew, and summaries of the plot.




#3. Kanopy

It is a demanding streaming video platform for public libraries that offers films and documentaries. It also includes children’s programming and all Kanopy member accounts have access to Kanopy Kids. Click here for more information



#4. Popcornflix

This is a free streaming app in which you can browse over the contents to see what is in the library. It also allows anybody to watch free movies, TV shows and webisodes, it also plays documentaries, Hollywood films and other content, it was founded in July 2010. And there is no monthly subscriptions.

#5.  Sony Crackle

It is a video streaming platform, the services is available in over 21 countries that are connected to a device i.e. gaming consoles, smart TVs’, desktop, tablets and a lot more. Obtained programming and original content are available in its library.
And it is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.



#6. Vimeo

Vimeo is an American video sharing, hosting and services platform provider located in New York City. It also does other services such as customization and live-streaming. All services are free and it focuses on the delivery of a high range of devices across the world. And also subscription plans for content creators and businesses and it uses a model known as software as a service,(SaaS).



#7. Vudu

Vudu is a platform that delivers free and paid content without collecting the monthly fees. It is also an American store where digital videos and streaming services owned by Fandango Media are done. Users rent movies and TV shows for a day easily and it is a joint -venture. Finally, you can opt for any time and watch later.



#8. YouTube

This is also an American app where online video sharing is owned by Google in San Bruno, California and it began on February 14, 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim but Google brought it into existence in November 2006 for a certain amount. The platform also offers a variety of orderly media videos.

#9. Internet Archive

This is an American non-profit digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. It has the stated mission of ”Universal Access to all Knowledge”.


Latest Free Android Games copy

Latest Free Android Games :Available for Download- COM ,are you bored with your old Android games, and you need a new one? Are you looking for the latest free Android Game that is Available for download? If so this is an opportunity for you, because in this article we will give you an update on the Free Android Game you can download without paying for any charge.

The Android gaming is getting better and bigger every monthly. Like we all know, every month there are some set of new games available on the Google Play Store. These days most Android games aren’t free but the games that will be listed then are freemium games. Android has an awful lot of games, and every month new bones are always released. Follow up with us to get the download links for free Android Rearmost games. The Rearmost Free Android Games Available for Download (2022) include


Alto’s Odyssey



This game is among the stylish time killers games of 2018. It’s a 2D runner with some neat little mechanics. In this game, the players get smooth, various plates. The game follows the steps of its precursor which is Alto’s Adventure. It has 180 challenges, and it’s a time killer game. Kindly download the game on your device.


The Walking Dead Our World


This game is an AR game, it’s analogous to Pokémon Go game. The player of this game must survive the zombie crowd. Players play this game to open different characters, engage in the game daily challenges. This game is really delightful to play  download it.


Pokémon Quest



It’s the rearmost sanctioned Pokémon game, and it’s available on Nintendo Switch. This game comes with some customizations, a base camp handy person etc. This game is also one of the freemium Android game available for download. Simply click Then to download the game on Google Play Store.



Asphalt 9 Legends


This game is the most played game in the series. The plates are good, and it has social rudiments as well. Asphalt 9 Legends game comes with 50 vehicles, colorful game modes, and a club point for playing with musketeers. Most importantly, The game is a Freemium game, and you can play a competitive aspect online. The game modes available for this game are the single- player mode, Multiplayer etc. The single player mode is really delightful. Click Then to download this game on your device. It includes 50 buses, a bunch of challenges, and a bunch of content to play with. That includes online multiplayer, single player stuff, and more. It uses an bus- go medium, so you can’t control your acceleration.


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Facebook Marketing - Enjoy Facebook Marketing Benefits

Facebook marketing may be a platform that gives a spread of considerably targeted paid announcements and organic posts allowing aficionados to place their product and services ahead of a huge cult.


Facebook Marketing Benefits


Facebook Marketing Benefits

 1. Global content

In the different paragraph, we emphasized the massive cult Facebook has. It’s an incredibly really large cult that you simply would ordinarily not have a chance to broadcast your business to.

Another than 7 Million companies catalyze announcements for this massive cult and yours also can increase the list.



 2. Allows integrations with other marketing channels

Facebook Marketing is not an insulated marketing platform. It’s also connected or is hourly connected to other marketing sources.

These other channels are hourly mail marketing, Facebook Messenger announcements, mobile marketing, program marketing, and lots of another.

These other marketing channels give you a wider range to call your business and make it travel yea farther and carry another cult.




 3. Makes organic reach possible

With Facebook Marketing, you will erect collaborations organically by partaking outfit that bring value to people on your Facebook express if you don’t have the fund to harness Facebook notices.

Your business will crop up on the news feed though it’s only a irreducible followership that will penetrate it. It’s generally employed by small business possessors.



 4. Offers considerably targeted paid notices

With Facebook notices, you will funnel your business to your targeted followership.

Facebook Marketing gives you a chance to pick all followership by age, gender, job, interest, and lots of fresh. This is hourly made possible due to the demo graphical or behavioral data which its freaks participate willingly.

Facebook Marketing Strategies
How to Facebook for business

There are nonselective ways or formats during which you will Facebook for business. Facebook Marketing has been made easier with the inventory of multihued formats. They are explained and listed below;



 1. Tape communiqué

This is a really useful, tried-and-true, and superb way of promoting your product on Facebook.

This is because you will freely show all the features of the wares or show the way to use the wares within the vid.

Facebook allows the mismanagement of prismatic orders of videotapes to request your business be its short videotapes and GIFs to capture the eye of its freaks on a go or possibly in sluice-parallel form for extended videotapes.



 2. Image notification

In case you can not fund a vid thanks to you having little scale business, Facebook gives you another format in image style to proclaiming your business.

This format is straightforward to make, features top- quality, and is fast. It also helps to boost brand mindfulness and draw people to your website.




 3. Slideshow notification

This is also another format of Facebook Marketing. It’s another format of vid-parallel notifications that display well albeit the web connection is low.

Also, you will invoke this format by bringing together some orders of images or videotapes concerning your business.



 4. Collection notification

This format is sort of a small role of your product right within the post on the Facebook feed.

A collection advert consists of a much bigger or main image or tape and 4 other inferior images below within the breed of grid.



 5. Carousel advert

This format allows showcasing up to 10 images or tapes inside one ad each with a link to a cherry-picked product courier.

Notwithstanding, It provides a huge field for creativity and interactivity in order that you will feature one product secretly, or a couple of different products accenting the critical details of every product.




Advantage of Facebook Marketing




1. Reach a Wide Cult


Clearly, Facebook offers advertisers one of the largest dope head bases.

As of July 2020, according to Statista, Facebook had another than2.6 billion dopers worldwide.

That’s added than any other social media platform and jury to possibly only Google’s hunt addicts.

The cult on Facebook isn’t simply large, it spans across beau coup demographics.

No matter to whom your business caters, you should be competent to find your asked cult profile on Facebook.

While inclining towards juvenile druggies, with 62 of druggies falling between 18 and 34 times old, Facebook attracts dopers of all generations, with 38 of falling from 35 all the way to 65.
It’s the senior demographic groups that are the fleetly- growing sections of Facebook stoners.

Since 2015 the number of Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) on Facebook steadily grew by double numeric and those zone of the Silent Generation (born in or before 1945) on Facebook fair doubled, according to Pew Research Center.


2. Alignment with Both B2C & B2B Businesses


Have you heard that Facebook advertising is only for B2C businesses?

Prepare to be surprised at how B2B businesses can also run successful causes on Facebook.

Business decision-makers spend 74 another time on Facebook than other people.

The B2B space is competitive, which means B2B marketers must be aggressive when capitalizing Facebook.

But with the right targeting, release format, messaging, and off-Facebook stoner experience on your where, there’s clearly shot for success.

Facebook remarketing is the least B2B marketers should consider.

We hourly forget how anyone, who’s a B2B target, doesn’t stop being, so after they leave the office or are online in snackable moments between work engagements.

They’re the same person. Remarketing to them on Facebook is a tried way to remain in their consideration.
For targeting new dopers, Facebook offers these targeting partitions that align well with B2B needs


  • Employer name.
  • Job title.
  • Employment Industriousness.
  • Interest industriousness.
  • Employer company size.
  • Business sightseers.
  • Another B2B tactic worth pursuing is creating lookalike followership hung on an breathing communication list, website frequenters, or guest base.

Apple Share Play :Apple share play the latest software update, iOS 15, includes interesting new FaceTime features. Share Play may be a popular tool that permits you to exchange audiovisual content together with your pals while on a FaceTime chat.

Share Play enables you to look at a movie over a FaceTime reference to your buddies. This suggests you’ll watch the newest films or television episodes together with your friends and family from different locations. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the way to watch movies with Share Play.


How Does Share Play Work?




SharePlay may be a FaceTime feature that permits users to concentrate to music from Apple Music, share screens, and watch TV shows or movies together during a FaceTime call.


Additionally, it includes shared playback controls that anyone participate within the call can utilize to play, pause, and skip music, also as add songs to the play queue. To feature to the thrill, Apple TV enables you to observe your movies in their entirety.

If you’ve utilized other platforms’ co-watching features, like Disney+, HULU, or Amazon Prime Video, Apple’s SharePlay feature might not be as thrilling. Apple has taken this a step further by enabling you to observe movies from a spread of sources, not only Apple TV+. This feature distinguishes Apple’s co-watching service from those offered by other suppliers.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the concept of people watching films together electronically has grown in popularity. With movie theaters closed, tech entrepreneurs created new ways for friends and family to catch abreast of the newest releases. Apple recognized SharePlay’s potential as a dependable co-viewing platform.


FaceTime Enabled Services in Apple Share Play

You may believe Share Play is restricted to Apple Music and Apple TV, however, this is often not the case. It integrates with a spread of major video services via Apple’s API. Share Play supports the subsequent applications:

NBA Television
Pluto TV
At the time of publication, Share Play supported just the platforms listed. Many hoped that when Apple revealed its co-watching function, Netflix and Spotify would imitate. However, these two entertainment behemoths don’t currently enable FaceTime SharePlay. We’re crossing our fingers that this happens soon. click here for more information

How to Host a FaceTime Watch Party With Apple share play


After you’ve grasped the concept of SharePlay, follow our steps below on the way to start a FaceTime watch party with SharePlay.

Locate and begin the FaceTime app from your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen. Create a replacement Apple ID first for first-time users.

To invite your pals to a gaggle video call, tap on the new FaceTime button. You’ll add them by using their phone numbers, email addresses, or first and last names.

Alternatively, you’ll tap the Create Link button to get a SharePlay watch party URL.

After creating the watch party link, your screen will display an Upcoming section. Within the Upcoming section, tap on the green I icon next to the shareable FaceTime link.

This will offer you two options: Share the link or delete the link. Unless you opt otherwise, click the Share Link option.

Following that, the app will offer you a spread of message options for sharing the link together with your pals. These include Messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Mail, Facebook, and iMessage, among others. To share the invite link together with your friends and family, select your favorite application.

Assuming the movie was scheduled, invite your friends to attend the watch party by clicking on the links. Make sure that you permit them access by clicking the Check button on your device.

Once most are on board, run your preferred video streaming program. Bear in mind that FaceTime SharePlay must be compatible with the video program you decide on. Consult the supported applications list above.

Following that, select a movie to observe, get your popcorn, and prepare to possess an incredible time together. Everyone will to be watching in unison.

As previously stated, FaceTime Share Play provides shared controls, allowing any user to simply play, pause, or fast-forward the video from their smartphone. This feature is advantageous since it enables users to attend to an urgent circumstance like a call of nature, a delivery, or maybe a call without interrupting the movie.


Are Android and Windows Phone users permitted to hitch a FaceTime Watch Party?


Regrettably, this feature is merely available to Apple customers. Apple recently introduced FaceTime involves Android and Windows users, but these users are going to be unable to utilize the Share Play feature.

As a result, if your iOS-owning friends plan to watch a movie online, you’ll be overlooked if you employ an Android smartphone.

Additionally, you want to update your Apple devices to iOS 15 to use the Share Play feature.

Coding is the process of creating and maintaining a series of programming languages which are the likely ways humans use to communicate to the computer to give out various information so as to perform specific activities.

Why is coding necessary for kids

  • Coding helps children to develop more learning skills so as to assist them in their academics and also in their day-to-day experiences.
  • Coding also helps in boosting a Child’s self confidence in social gatherings at school and in different organizations
  • Coding helps kids learn perseverance in the science that it makes them understand and learn the value of handwork and patience
  • Coding also provide different career opportunities for kids so as to lay out a good foundation for their career in the future
  • Coding also helps to develop skills like teamwork and cooperation with one another

Programming languages for kids

  1. python
  2. Q-Basic
  3. Fortran etc.


About nTells Online Tech & Computer Training School

Address: No.1 Coker Road, Orile Iganmu 101283, Lagos
Areas served: Orile Iganmu, Lagos Nigeria.

nTells Hours of Work

Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Closed
Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours

Above is one of the best computer training school in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria. You can enroll your kids to learn any ICT course and graduate with the best results as a qualified programmer.


See courses and descriptions of the courses nTells offer, click here

Advantages of Coding for Kids

  • It helps kids to learn and study how things work and also create things that work.
  • It also helps them to learn to be patient.
  • It also helps kids to develop problem-solving skills.
  • It also encourages creativity among kids
  • Coding can also make children discover their lifelong passion and can also be helpful for them to decide their future career

Disadvantages of Coding for Kids

  • Firstly for your child to be able to code he or she must have access to the internet and children of the 21st century can take advantage and use the data for something else
  • Furthermore, coding can also have an effect on the Child’s academic session, coding needs much attention and can also distract the child from school activities
  • One of the disadvantages of coding is that some parents make it necessary for their children to learn to code and it makes other fields in computer to be dormant.
  • Coding requires much focus and attention and kids need time for recreation and if they have to code they won’t have time for such
  • Coding can make a child not associate with his/her pairs and this can bring about discrimination among themselves.

Business Card Designer – Whether it`s that online business you`ve always wanted to start or a service you want to offer. You will always need a Logo and to achieve this, you will need an experienced logo designer. This is one of the major secrets of growing a business.

This article is all about you getting the best and professional logo for a business, whether you want to design it yourself or you want to get a designer, your logo has to stand out and show the images of your business or services.


To achieve a professional logo for your website and an experienced logo designer, here are the rules you`ll need to follow:

First, let`s understand what a logo is.

What is a Logo and who is a Business Card Designer?

A logo is simply a visual piece in a bigger brand identity system. It is an essential part of any business or organization. It is an easily recognizable, reproducible design element, often including an icon or just a name, symbol, specified colors or trademark.

People always get confused when it comes to logos and brands. Many individuals have asked me if I do branding and when I tell them that I promote businesses, do all kinds of designs, they still want a direct answer – yes I do branding. It`s funny to me but I can understand why. It`s just because they don`t fully understand the differences and similarities.


Difference between a logo or a business card

Well, the difference between a logo or a business card and a brand is simply that a logo all by itself is merely a graphic element with a name, while a brand is everything that represents a business and gives its logo meaning. That is, it is the culmination of every interaction with, the experience of, thought about, and marketing practice by your business.


Rule #1
Do not use a Logo Maker or Logo Creator Free Software. Yes, do not use them IF you want to start up a good and unique business or organization. Your business has to reflect in your logo, your logo is supposed to be the representation of your business. Many people use logo makers or logo creators, and so there is a possibility that you can use a template used by many other businesses, an awful logo template or one that doesn`t describe your organization, leading to inevitable lower creative standards set for your organization.


Rule #2

Get a Concept, Use Software that can be used for Logo Creator like Photoshop. This is the major quality of a good logo designer. If you have asked your logo creator or designer the kind of software he uses, and he mentioned any software with similar functions like Photoshop. Then work with him because creativity and concepts have to be unique.


Rule #3
Follow Standard Company Rules During Logo Creation. A good logo designer must know the major rules of designing a logo, some of them are:

  • The logo should fit in different color backgrounds, especially a black or white background.
  • The logo design should be artistically balanced.
  • He should avoid too many details, just make it simple.
  • The logo design should reflect your business in a unique and honest way.


Rule #4
Maintain one design, and or designer for your logo, website or branding. Make the right choice so that you will not need to change your logo in the future, except for very few details.


Logo and Business Card Designer



Getting an experienced graphics and website designer for your business is as important as the business itself. In fact, it is the most important part of planning business because every business has to be online and online, the competition is much.

In designing a logo, if you feel you can do it yourself after these rules and your experience in designing, go ahead! But if you feel like using a logo design app, use something that will give you a unique design that can reflect your brand until it has expanded enough to merit a full brand identity created by a professional designer or agency. Examples of good apps you can use are canva, Logoshi, AAA, Hatchful, Tailor Brand.


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