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Facebook marketing is a platform that offers a variety of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts allowing fans to put their product and services in front of a massive audience.


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It’s stale news that Facebook has one of the leading and largest social media audiences. It has an estimated about 59.0 percent of social media users daily and brought in $27.2 billion in ad revenue in Q4 2020. Plus an estimate of 2.8 billion monthly active Facebook users by the end of 2020.

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So tell me, is there any kind of business you cannot advertise on Facebook? Your business can be brought up to that large audience through Facebook. It offers its users a platform where they can advertise their businesses and services with very little pay and a very easy way.


Facebook Marketing Benefits

There are different benefits Facebook Marketing gives to business owners and Entrepreneurs. Some of them are listed below;

#1. Global coverage

In the second paragraph, we highlighted the large audience Facebook has. It has an incredibly a very large audience that you would normally not have a chance to advertise your business to.

More than 7 Million companies create ads for this massive audience and yours can also add to the list.


#2. Allows integrations with other marketing channels

Facebook Marketing is not an isolated marketing platform. It is also connected or can be connected to other marketing sources.

These other channels can be email marketing, Facebook Messenger ads, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, and many more.

These other marketing channels give you a wider range to promote your business and make it travel even farther and get more audience.


#3. Makes organic reach possible

With Facebook Marketing, you can build relationships organically by sharing materials that bring value to people on your Facebook page if you don’t have resources to utilize Facebook ads.

Your business will pop up on the news feed though it’s only a fewer audience that can access it. It is mostly used by small business owners.


#4. Offers highly targeted paid ads

With Facebook ads, you can channel your business to your targeted audience.

Facebook Marketing gives you an opportunity to select all audiences by age, gender, job, interest and many more. This is made possible because of the demographical or behavioral data which it’s users share willingly.


Facebook Marketing Strategies

How to Facebook for business

There are different ways or formats in which you can Facebook for business. Facebook Marketing has been made easier with the availability of different formats. They are explained and listed below;

#1. Video ad

This is a very useful, reliable, and excellent way of promoting your product on Facebook.

This is because you can easily show all the features of the product or show how to use the product in the video.

Facebook allows the use of different types of videos to promote your business be its short videos and GIFs to capture the attention of its users on a go or even in stream-like form for longer videos.

#2. Image ad

In case you can’t fund a video due to you having a small-scale business, Facebook gives you another format in image style to advertising your business.

This format is easy to create, has a high quality, and is fast. It also helps to raise brand awareness and draw people to your website.

#3. Slideshow ad

This is also another format of Facebook Marketing. It is another format of video-like ads that display well even if the internet connection is low.

Also, You can create this format by bringing together some varieties of images or videos relating to your business.

#4. Collection ad

This format is like a small catalog of your product right in the post on the Facebook feed.

A collection ad consists of a bigger or main image or video and four other smaller images below in the form of a grid.

#5. Carousel ad

This format allows showcasing up to ten images or videos inside a single advertisement each with a link to a specific product page.

However, It provides a vast field for creativity and interactivity so that you can feature one product in detail, or a few different products highlighting the key details of each product.

#6. Lead generation ad

This format was created especially for mobile users. When a user taps on an image in such an advertisement, a subscription form opens right in the ad making a few taps enough to opt into your newsletter.


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