Financial Freedom and Network marketing Explained

Financial Freedom and Network marketing Explained – It’s a state of being able to earn financially( Money) without you showing up. Being financially independent is basically our choice and following some laid down plans of achieving it. It’s never by chance or Luck.  Learn about Longrich Network Marketing.

Five ways of becoming financially free

  1. Real Estate
  2. Intellectual properties
  3. Paper investment
  4. Big business
  5. Network marketing.

Intellectual property is basically the ability to earn from your skill. Eg writer, and singer. These kinds of people earn money from their work even when not active anymore, the likes of Chinua Achebe, Prof Wole Soyinka, etc.

You will agree with me that real estate, paper investment( share, bonds) and setting up a big business like a company requires huge capital.

Network Marketing is the cheapest of them all in terms of starting up. But it has been confused with Ponzi and pyramid schemes which have scammed people of their hard-earned money.


Not all network marketing companies are bad but you only have to look out for the criteria mentioned above, especially the Compensation plan. If you can be able to do that, believe me, you definitely love and achieve _Financial Freedom_ through _Network Marketing.

Network marketing is the business of the 21st century

This business is not as scary as people think it is especially in Nigeria. The prior lack of understanding between network marketing, Ponzi, and pyramid scheme have made people skeptical about joining. Pyramid as it’s called is a business model where only the one at the top benefits no room for overtaking.

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Ponzi is a business model that has no product of value. And is dependent on new investors to thrive. Once you join a business that requires a new member before you will be paid and without a product of value it’s not network marketing. Did I hear you say they are the same? NO, THEY ARE NOT.  They only look alike. The difference is once there is a payment there must be an equivalent product received.

This ensures you have not totally lost your investment, which is NETWORK MARKETING. Except you want me to believe that you are at a loss when you use the product or resell it to gain back your money?

So to you, a good network company must be that which you love their product, and can easily recommend to friends and family. It really doesn`t matter if they accept it, because why everyone has its PREFERENCE!

As you share you will always come across someone who will definitely love the products, use, and enjoy it as you, and will happily recommend them to people around them too. So don`t feel rejected at the first refusal you get. Like I said earlier, everyone has a choice, and sometimes it`s also some people are hard to convince. Click here for more information about Financial Freedom and Network Marketing Explained.

By Robert Kiyosaki

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