Google Translate App – How to Download Google Translate App

Google Translate app for android was developed recently by the google team and its an app everyone wants to get. This post will show you how to google translate your source language to a target language, and also how to download the google translate app to your device.

The google translate app helps you communicate with someone even when you don`t understand the person`s language. All you need to do is to type or write foreign language text or speak it into the application, and the words are translated into your native tongue. Isn`t that incredible?

Devices to use and learn how to Google Translate Languages

The Google Translate App has an Andriod and iOS version. If you use an iPad or iPhone device, you can download it from Apple`s App Store, but Android users can download it from Google PlayStore.

Both versions offer the same features. The app shows a notification to run in the background, which is used for Tap to translate, minimizing display, and many more. See below how to download the google translate app to your device.

How to Google Translate Languages using Google Translate cool features


Let`s say you want to translate a phrase from English to French.

All you need to do is to click on the language selected at the top-left corner in the app and then select English from the list of languages displayed. Then at the top-right corner, click on the selected language and in the list of languages, select French.

Next is to click on the microphone icon with the title “Conversation”. The next display expects you to speak the word or phrase you want to translate into the app.

The google translate app translates and utters your words in the language you selected to translate.

English and French are both supported by the app`s two-way instant speech translation. This means that translation is virtually instantaneous and you can easily carry on a real-time conversation with a person that speaks French by speaking in English, hearing the words translated into French, and then listening to the other person`s response in French translated into English. Cool right?



To do this, simply follow the step 1, but instead of tapping on the microphone icon for conversation, Tap the pen icon titled “Handwriting” and start typing the English word or phrase you want to translate.

Immediately you start to complete your first word, the google translate application tries to predict what you plan to write in full by displaying possible words and letter combinations. When you notice a match to your words, simply select it from the list of words. The app will then displays the word or phrase in French.

To listen to it in French, simply tap on the speaker icon next to the language you selected (French) to hear it spoken aloud in either language.

You can click on the three-dotted icon below the words and select reverse translation, and then click on the speaker icon again, and this will translate back in English.



This feature requests for permission to use your phone camera to translate text in an image.
It works by simply choosing the source and target languagesas mentioned above. Then tap on the camera icon. A dialog pops out asking for permission to use the camera. Select to allow and another dialog comes up asking you to download a language pack, which you`ll have to do or cancel to use the manual option. Then aim and align your device`s camera at a document or piece of text written in the source language. The source language is then translated into the targeted language and displays the result right on the screen of your Andriod device.

NOTE that the google translate app has many other options in these features like sharing results, saving, adding to favorite and many more. You can also download languages and enjoy the app offline.


Steps to Download Google Translate Android app

Step #1 – Go to your device google play store and search for Google Translate or click here to download it now.

Step #2 – Click the install button and wait for some minutes for the installation process to complete.

Step #3 – Click open to launch the Google Translate App.


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