How to Get Verified on Facebook

To get verified on Facebook can be difficult to process, but you don’t have to go into it blind. This are tips on how you can verify your Facebook business page or personal page. verifying of social media account began in the year 2009 with twitter as a way to mark original, legitimate accounts of public figures or notable organizations and that particular person will get a blue checkmark on your page which shows that your page has been verified.

What is Facebook Verification?

It is the process of getting your page on Facebook verified, which means you must have the blue checkmark on your page, with the blue checkmark your Facebook page is verified which means that Facebook has confirmed that the profile does, in fact, belong to a particular public figure, brand or creator rather than a fan or an imposter, verification badges on Facebook, twitter and Instagram appear next to your account’s name or page and also on your profile page and in search.
Keep reading to get more information on how to get your page on Facebook verified and why it is so important to get verified on Facebook and how you can increase your chances of getting and staying verified. Have it at the back of your mind that if your business page is verified you have gain the trust of other people using that particular platform, because while doing business with you, they are 100% sure that you are the one and not an imposter.



How to Get Verified on Facebook

Are you wondering how you can be verified on Facebook, If you are. let be honest. you want that blue checkmark. It does not matter the platform, getting verified in a platform/website is one of the best way to establish creditableness on social media. Couple of year ago Facebook offered both the gray and blue checkmarks as a way to identify the authenticity of local, smaller brands. Now the gray checkmarks is no more available but the blue one is still available for business owners on the platform who are interested to get verified. You might be wondering if the blue checkmarks really matter, yes it does, so let take a look at why it matter and why you should get verified on Facebook and how you can do it. When you get verified on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, it gives your official Page credibility and makes it less likely that other users will mistake you for an imposter or scammer. If other users see that you are verified, they will know that they can get engage with you and your brand without any doubt and they will not be burdened. You can have only one signal account for your business, brand or your personal unless you do run many language specific accounts. It is very important to have it at the back of your mind that “general interest” accounts do not usually get that great blue checkmark. If you want to verify a page or profile that belong to a law enforcement agency, politician, city government or elected official, Facebook must have other you have requirements to meet before they can hand over the blue checkmark. Let’s talk more about the best way to position yourself for easy verification on Facebook.
This are the guide you need to know about the Facebook verification process. Verification is free on Facebook, if you want to have your page set up leading with time to ensure that Facebook grants your verification request. make sure your website, email address, description and bio are all updated and current if you want to link your business, official website that it can link link back to Facebook from your website. All you need to do is go to your Facebook page’s (About) section. Fill in your business address, company overview, phone numbers, social channel handles and mission statement your goal is to have lot information as possible this will make your page look legit to Facebook when they verify it. As soon as you have all of this on your page you are free to start the verification process.


Steps to Get Verified on Facebook

  1. Getting verified on Facebook is free, but you still need to put in the more effort to get your Page set up so Facebook hands over the blue checkmark to your page. When you look at the top left of your FB business you will see the setting button, click on it, it will open a new page in your tab. look at the left side you will see a General menu click on it, when it open look for page verification. click on “Edit” by page verification then you get started.
  2. At the beginning you will need Facebook to give you 2 ways to verify your Facebook page. One is to get more details and the other is a speedy verification. For you to get the speedy verification you have to input your business phone number then you click on call me now so Facebook can give you a call with your verification code number listed and if you don’t want Facebook to call you so you can have the code, you can also opt for the verification code instead, to do this you can click on verify this page. Facebook will quickly ask you to upload a document to prove that your business is legit and the document must show your business name and address clearly.

Note that you must have a captivating reason why you want to be verified on any social media platform, because it is a critical step to receive the blue checkmark for verification on Facebook and other social media platform.


Reason why your business need to be verified on Facebook:

  • You have many followers across multiple social media platform, and you also have many fan, so you need your audience to know that your account is an official account so they will not be confused.
  • As a renowned business man/woman, who have been featured in several media outlets. verifying your Facebook account will help you maintain credibility and also help your audience find you easily.
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