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How to Improve Google Search Rankings

How to Improve Google Search Rankings – Google search engine is a fully automated search engine that uses software called “web crawlers“. These crawlers explore the web on a regular basis to find sites to add to their index.

These sites include blogs, posts, websites and pictures uploaded on social media. As of March 2021, Google is the top 1 of all search engines. It has a 92% share of the global search engine market. This has made it the most popular website to visit.

How to Improve Google Search Rankings

How to get your business to the top of Google Search rankings

Many businesses today create websites to advertise their products and services. And most of them have made themselves recognizable to Google. With the popularity that Google Search has, it is reasonable to think that customers will notice them. But simply putting it on the website will not get you high enough in their results to get noticed. To get to the top of Google search rankings, there are things to watch out for.

Below I’ve made a list of prominent ways to get your business on a high rank:

  • Devising a local search strategy

A local-focused strategy is much easier than getting into a global search engine ranking. This is where most locally-based businesses have an advantage over others. Today, more than half of the population looking for local products or services turn to Google Search. Getting listed in these results will help boost your business.

Here a few ways to get your business listed when someone does a local search:

  1. You should claim your Google Places page. This will help put your listing first when someone searches your business name/type in your local area.
  2. Using geographic keywords in page titles, links and your content strategy.
  3. Getting listed in local search directories. It could be through your local newspaper’s business listings or a visitor’s bureau page.
  • Choosing the right keywords

If you want to get a high rank on google search, you need to pick the right keywords. You’ll have to find keywords that truly suit the nature of your business. But these keywords should not be so competitive that they should make ranking difficult. The keywords are the most important part of ranking in search engines.

  • Develop contents of good quality

Google search engine is one to provide searchers with useful and relevant information. So, you should develop quality content that will fit this feature. Features to look out for include:

  1. Increase your content’s readability. Make sure to use correct grammar and spelling. Create content to suit the web, which includes short sentences, short paragraphs and lots of white space on the page.
  2. Make sure your content has value, making it useful to your visitors. This will help to create inbound links, therefore, boosting your rankings on google search.
  3. Avoiding advertisements above the fold. Google lowers the ranking of sites that use advertisements above the fold. If you’re generating significant revenue from third-party advertising, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

You should also keep up with Google trends so that you know what they understand to be quality content.

  • Generating Backlinks

Generating backlinks means getting people to link to your site. This is not easy but it is important to place high rankings on google search. Networking is a big part of this process, apart from creating quality traffic increase

  • Utilizing the social media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are wonderful sources of backlinks and Google gives high credence to these sites in terms of search engine rankings. You should create a social media marketing strategy and add to your overall website promotional efforts.

Getting your business website to the top of Google search rankings is not an easy process but yet, not impossible. Follow the guide above and be sure to see your search engine rankings rise accordingly.

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