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How to set Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger

What are the reasons why you should download the Facebook Messenger App? This article “Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger App” explains the new features in the Facebook app and how to download the app both in Android and iPhone devices. The dark mode is one great feature, something we`ve been looking for and thanks to the Facebook team for adding it to the messenger app. To enjoy this feature, you have to update to the latest Facebook Messenger app on your device. If you don’t have it on your device already, follow the below guide on how the app in your device.


Facebook Messenger App to Download for Android Devices


Facebook messenger app


These simple steps will guild you through downloading Facebook Messenger to any android device.

  • For your Android smartphone, download through Google Play Store to get the latest Facebook Messenger.
  • On Google Play Store, search for Facebook Messenger, tap the installation button for the result that has the exact name “Messenger” not “Messenger Lite”. Then wait for some seconds for the download process to start automatically.
  • When the download process it 100% it starts installing automatically, depending on your device, you may have to tap install. This process works for any Android device with Google Play Store.

Facebook Messenger App to Download on iPhone Devices

For iPhone device, the messenger app can be downloaded and updated following these easy steps.

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone device, type Facebook Messenger on the search engine.
  • Click on the download button for your search result with the name “Facebook Messenger”
  • After the download is complete, Install the app on your device


Note that if you already have the Facebook App and you want to enjoy the dark mode feature, you can simply update the app by visiting the App Store and update your Facebook Messenger App.

Activation for Facebook Messenger dark mode feature

It’s very easy to activate dark mode in the Facebook App.

Facebook dark mode for Messenger can be easily downloaded. Follow the steps below to find out how to activate the dark mode feature.

Launch the Messenger app on your phone, choose any contact, and tap on the emoji button from the chat window/pop out.
Then scroll vertically to find the Crescent moon emoji. Tap on it when found.

After clicking on the crescent moon emoji, a shower of moon emoji will display on your screen and the application will prompt the following message “You have found Dark mode”.

Tap on the “Turn on in Settings” button from the prompt or tap on the profile picture to open Settings.

Next, simply turn on the toggle in front of the Dark option mode. You may not observe Facebook Messenger ads. Hope these steps were easy for you, if you still find it difficult to do this, simply comment on the problem using the comment field below.


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