How To Turn On Gmail Dark Mode Desktop and Mobile App

Gmail dark mode is a setting that makes users have a better view of the laptop screen at night. The dark mode setting is now being initiated by apps and website developers. As well as on web browsers. It arose because of optical issues arising from the bright screens of mobile phones and laptops.


This adaptation is coming from raising awareness of the effect of bright screens meaning the longer time you spend on a bright screen, the better for you. From more research, it was found out that the most damaging effect does not come under a bright surrounding but a dark surrounding around.

As such dark mode involves turning unnecessary bright colors into colors that the eyes can relate to in the dark. Well, a dark screen more has a dark background for a start.

Turn On Gmail Dark Mode

on Desktop

Below is a complete step by step guide to turning on Gmail dark mode on desktop

  • As usual launch your browser
  • Navigate to the Gmail login page.
  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • On the inbox page, click on the gear icon at the top right corner
  • Click on the “Themes” option from the drop-down  list of settings
  • On the appearing window, scroll down the host of themes to the Dark or black box. You can hardly miss it.
  • Click on it to change you
  • Click on Save to confirm


On Gmail Android App

Gmail dark mode is also available on android devices. However, on only devices running on the Android 10 operating system. As such if you are running an older Operating system the dark mode is not available on your device.

The following direction will guide you on how to enable the dark mode on your android 10 mobile.

  • Launch the Gmail app on your android device
  • Locate and tap on the Hamburger icon at the top-left
  • Scroll down the settings option
  • Then Go to  “General Settings.
  • Under the general setting, choose  “dark”

This will automatically switch your Gmail dark mode on. 

If you have ever switched to the dark mode on any device or app that supports it, the clarity and comfort in the night are totally worth it.

A lot of people suffer in our world today because our life revolves around the computer screen. Everything is being digitized from simple tasks like buying dinner to monitoring data or book an air ticket. There is no running away from the screen.

Seek comfort with the dark mode and save your eyes today.

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