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How to Use Speed Dial in UC Browser

UC Browser is a web browser that is developed by the Chinese mobile internet company. The website is owned by the Ali Baba Group of China. This article “Speed Dial in UC Browser” will expose you to lots of features of UC Browser.

UC Browser is available on different platforms which include BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Android, and Windows phone.


The UC Browser is currently available in seven different languages, so you can easily select one of your choices.

UC Browser is a free web browser for Android devices. It has ad-block functionality, fast download, and data savings amongst other features.

The browser helps you access music, videos, and other information you may want to inquire about.

UC Browser is one of the leading browsers in the world with over 500 million users. It is one of the best because of its efficiency and effectiveness.

How to Use Speed Dial in UC Browser

Speed dial is one of the most home common features of the UC Browser. It enables users to access their favorite sites with ease.

In this write-up, we bring to you basic steps on how to use speed dial and basic information concerning it.

Step 1

Tap on one of the empty icons with a plus symbol

Step 2

Enter the web address you intend to add to your browser

Step 3

Click on okay, so you can successfully add it to your icon.

Step 4

Open your UC Browser, tap the icon, and it will quickly load the added page.

To automatically open a tab in the background whenever you start your browser, follow these steps;

Step 1

Right-click on the tab icon

Step 2

Select open in the background

Step 3

You can now open all your favorite sites in the background.

How to Delete Speed Dial in UC Browser

Step 1

Launch your UC Browser and click on the settings icon

Step 2

Select tool options

Step 3

Choose extension, then click on delete speed dial.

How to Set the home page on the UC Browser


speed dial uc browser

Step 1

Open the UC Browser and click on search

Step 2

Clicking you on search, you will be able to see the default search engine icon for the web page

Step 3

You can now select your desired search engine from the options you are given.


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