How to Use WordPress

How to Use WordPress: Do you want to create a website without coding? If yes. Then you need this article, like this blog is for you. Starting a website can be terrifying, especially when you’re not techy. You might even think this task is impossible for anyone but a developer or a person with a background in web design. Don’t worry, you’re not alone we are here to guide you.

Well, I have good news for you, there’s software out there that’s so easy to use, virtually anyone can successfully create a unique and professional-looking website for their business, portfolio, or blog. It’s called WordPress, there are many ways to build a website, but WordPress is one of the most popular options due to its versatility and customization capabilities. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a website with WordPress.



WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites without having to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. All you have to do is to install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account and log into an administrative back-end tool or Dashboard. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to fit your business, portfolio, blog, or online store. There you have several options and can upload pictures, add text, install free plugins, create pages, change the look and feel of the website, and more. WordPress handles all the complicated coding work for you.


How to Use WordPress

There are many ways for you to create your dream website with WordPress but just like any other tool, it does take a few minutes to learn how to use it. WordPress has several customization options to help improve the functionality of your site, you can also choose between different plugins like widgets and Yoast SEO to add features.


Steps to Build a Website with WordPress

  • Open your chrome browser or any browser
  • Search for
  • At the top right, you will see “get WordPress” click on it
  • Download and install WordPress
  • Then search for on your browser “” Download it
  • Open the folder you’ve downloaded
  • Extract all for “WordPress”
  • Then you Install your WordPress

After Installing XAMPP

  • Go to the folder “Local Drive C:/XAMPP/htdocs” and paste it
  • Copy the WordPress and paste it into the htdocs
  • Change the WordPress folder to the name of your website
  • Launch your browser and enter the URL “Localhost/Name of Folder”
  • Create a database, and set the password to “Empty”
  • Open the password tab and complete the WordPress Installation.



Get Web Hosting

The first step when building a website with WordPress is to get web hosting. Because while WordPress is free, you must use a web hosting service e.g. XAMPP for your site to be available on the web.
Generally, it costs under $10 per month, and by getting web hosting first, you will save time and money as the best WordPress hosting services include a free domain name, as well as one-click WordPress installation to make the process of creating a website with WordPress a lot easy for beginners.


Choose a Domain Name
A domain name is what people type into their browsers to get to the particular website they want. If you choose a web hosting plan that includes a free domain name, you will be prompted to choose a domain as part of your account registration process. Though it’s tempting to choose something flashy or funny, while building a website pick a domain that both represents your brand and makes it easy for people to find you, the decision to register your domain name will depend on the reasons for building your website.

These are what you need to know before choosing a domain name:

  1. It is better to make your domain name short
  2. Avoid numbers and dashes.
  3. Avoid using trademarked names and copyrighted material.
  4. Use words that are not difficult to pronounce or spell.
  5. Make sure the domain is available.


WordPress Dashboard

Once you follow the steps above you you can then access the find yourself on the Dashboard and if you are ready to start working, you should find yourself on the Dashboard, or the back-end, for your new website. The Dashboard is the service area that allows you to control and also you to design what your website visitors will see when they visit/land on your pages. Click here for more information



WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

Once you are done with the previous steps you can then follow the step below:

  1. Create a home page
  2. Change the theme and appearance and add a photo gallery
  3. Make a static page
  4. Install and use plugins
  5. Add a blog
  6. Add a contact form
  7. Insert an image
  8. Remove comments from pages and so on.



WordPress is one of the easiest and most robust ways to share your business on the web and also the most popular blogging platform, with over 43% of the internet using it. There are simpler platforms, but most don’t offer the functionality that WordPress does and there are a few equally strong platforms, but they’re difficult to use for beginners that the reason why its popular software is free and open-source, making it a coder’s dream and it’s also free.

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