Influence of Information Technology (I.T) in our Society Today

Information Technology, I.T for short has brought a lot of changes in today’s world. It affects the way people think, learn and communicate. It determines how people interact with one another on a daily basis. The use of I.T gadgets in our society makes many time-consuming calculations and tough tasks easier and social contacts have increased. Technology plays an important role in today’s society. It has both positive and negative influences on society. We live in a world of technological advancements. The use of cell phones, laptops and the internet are examples of such advances. However, we look at the way technology has influenced our society from all aspects, starting from the positive sides:


Communication (Information Technology)


Technology has impacted society through communication. Technology brings new methods of electronic communication. For instance, the use of social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp as well as video conferencing helps individuals communicate with each other from different parts of the world.




It has also made a great impact on society through learning. Technology makes learning more collaborative and interactive. Students learn by watching videos, eBooks, discussion groups, blogs, and e-learning in a collaborative environment. Educational institutes use a projector or digital class to teach students. It also provides better access to resources like the internet. The internet is available 24/7 and you have access to anything online. Additionally, students get their work done faster and easier. People can access learning through social media and YouTube.  It helps students learn better than sitting down for lectures and reading from textbooks. These technological advancements make learning more convenient and fun.


Employment Opportunities (Information Technology)

I.T increases the number of employments in our society. It has introduced new opportunities that never existed. People work as Web developers, programmers, I.T network administrators, computer operators etc. It influences job opportunities by making individuals more successful self-employers to work from their homes.


Online Shopping

online shopping

Information Technology impacts society through online shopping. It bases on things like electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, automated data collection systems, etc. I.T makes buying and selling activities easier, more efficient and fast by using computers, the internet and shared software. It helps companies to make more money and spend less on their business. You can choose a range of items from different countries without reaching that place to buy whatever you want at any time. You can also pay for items on the internet with a safe internet payment option.


Health (Information Technology)


Finally, technology’s influence in the health industry has helped people safe and healthy. There are many apps today that inform people on how to watch their weight, how many calories they intake, heart rate and other health properties any time of the day. There is a change in health care that adds benefits for the elderly and hospitals using advanced technology within their surgical rooms.

Irrespective of the many good things that I.T has provided to society. It also has its bad side. It can be addicting and can hurt our communication skills. Extended screen time can cause health ramifications like eyestrain, insomnia, depression and increased anxiety.

negative influence 2

Nowadays, people mostly like online communication rather than face-to-face conversations, so people tend to become more individualistic and introverted. Although the internet has reduced physical distances between people, it doesn’t mean they are brought all closer together and emotional distance is increased in some aspects. People are busy with their own visual world and forget the real world with family and friends.

negative influence 1

Instant access to information makes us less sufficient. Experts say that it “limits pure creative thought, at times, because we are developing habits to Google everything to quickly find the answer”.

Furthermore, it can be distracting from your schoolwork. There is also a loss of privacy because anyone can find you anywhere at any time of the day.



All of these things mentioned influence society today. Without technology, our way of life would not be complex. It shapes the way we live our lives. I.T has a great impact on almost everybody that access to them. It has a positive impact on our lives but we still have to be careful when using it. We have to be wise in using I.T gadgets. Therefore, Information Technology is the new technology of the digital age that is accessible in our everyday life with a confusing blend of guaranteed benefits with some problems.

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