Learning How to Increase Laptop Video Ram

Increasing laptop video ram is a very simple and easy step but first let’s talk about what a ram is!



What is a Ram

Read Only Memory  This is a non-volatile memory used in computers and electronic devices to store data. It is a hardware device that allows you to store information and retrieve on your computer.

Ram is usually working with DRAM, which is a type of memory module.
Because data is accessed randomly rather than sequentially love it is on a CD or disk drive, access times are much faster. However, unlike ROM, Random access memory is a volatile memory and requires power to keep the data accessible. If the computer is turned off, all data contained in Random access memory is lost.


Types of Ram

Some types of ram are.


How Random access memory Works

When the computer boots, part of the operating system and drivers are loaded into memory, which allows the CPU to process information faster and load programs faster. The ram is always inserted in a memory slot in the motherboard.


What is a video Ram

A video ram or a VRAM is a dual-ported Random access memory, which was commonly used to store frame buffer in a graphics adapter. The video Random access memory holds the information required by the GPU, including game textures and lighting effects.




VRAM or Video RAM may be a dedicated a part of RAM, which is for graphics cards. It’s liable for keeping the info stored for images and videos played on a computer. It is often defined because the buffer between the processor and therefore the display on your computer. Therefore, the upper the video RAM of the system, the more likely to display high graphics. Integrated graphics cards or dedicated graphics cards are both options to use together with your Windows 10 computer. VRAM plays a crucial part because it will save data for your games, graphics, and effects, lights, etc. for video playing.

Advantages of increasing laptop’s video ram

Enhanced gaming performance.
Faster performance.


Steps to Increase Laptop Video Random access memory

  • Open a Registry Editor window by typing Regedit into the beginning Menu

hkey image

  • Right-click the Intel folder in the left panel and choose New > Key. Name this key GMM.
  • Once you’ve done it, select the new GMM folder on the left and right-click inside the right side.
  • Select New > DWORD (32-bit) value. Name this DedicatedSegmentSize.
  • Give it a value, making sure the option is set to Decimal.
  • In megabytes, the minimum value is 0 and the maximum is 512. Set this value, restart your computer, and see if it helps a game run better.

Some systems may not be able to do it, if you are lucky this article might work for you.

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