About OrgBoom
About OrgBoom

About OrgBoom

A team of professional tech instructors founded Orgboom Tech. The founder "Francis Izuoba" stays focused on the goals and mission of Orgboom.
Orgboom Technologies was founded by Francis Izuoba in 2015. The purpose was to provide services to grow organizations and businesses using different digital marketing strategies, and resources through this Online Office Site.

Digital products are products you sell and deliver online. We took time to list out these unique products for everyone. Explore, get entertained, grow a skill, learn something new... Enjoy!


To make every organization and individual unique with their products, services and information. And we believe that information is the new currency.


To be among the no.1 industry-leading technology and business skills institute in the world


Healthy, Dynamic and Transparent environment: We encourage teamwork, free flow of ideas, outside the box thinking and an ideal blend of self-expression and teamwork.

Team Members

70+ Best Subject Lines for Email Marketing
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4 Steps to Becoming a Front End Developer
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