Confo Global / Boxer Insecticide Company
Confo Global / Boxer Insecticide Company


Confo Global / Boxer Insecticide Company

Confo Global / Boxer Insecticide Company

CONFO GLOBAL COMPANY was incorporated in OREGUN-Ikeja, Nigeria with Registration Number 1138990. It was registered on 02 Sep 2013 and it's current status is unknown.
Boxer Insecticide spray is a multipurpose insecticide spray that terminate mosquitoes and bugs in generals; cockroaches, ants, millepede, fly and dung beetle. The product uses pyrethroid agents as effective ingredients. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Boxer Industrial Co. Limited develops and produces a series of household daily chemicals with anti-mosquito and insecticide products as the core and other disinfection, antibacterial, and harmful products as supplements.
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