Secret Tips for your TikTok Challenge 2020 and 2021

For social media freaks, the TikTok challenge 2020 or 2021 is arguably one of the coolest stuff to be involved in.  The TikTok platform really took the industry by storm, the way It quickly became the social media app of the movement with over 1.5 billion global downloads in 2020 and 2021 is so amazing.

tiktok challenge 2020 and 2021

Like any other platform companies and individuals have all joined in the trend for both fun and advertisement purposes. Unlike most platforms, the TikTok challenge is a way developed to run real cool trendy adverts.

TikTok challenges, both organic and sponsored. Traditionally, they contain three basic elements three elements: text, sound, and physical displays. The Cereal Challenge, Throw It In the Air Challenge, The Skull Breaker Challenge, The Skull Breaker Challenge are some of the top challenges.

tiktok hand challenge

These challenges can go in for months and even become a global trend with users all over the world trying it out.

Use Influencers For Your TikTok Challenge 2020/2021

Influencers are the best bet to get your TikTok challenge to go up faster than you know it. Getting an influencer to perform your challenge will ultimately make it a trend because of the volume of people they can reach. Your influencer should have a good relationship and followership with the target demographic. Various demography has varying reach strategies. You don introduce a dance challenge and pick a 60 + influencer, that surely won’t work. Top brands have engaged Tiktok influencers to further the reach of their brands (such as Warner Bros, Guess, and ASOS)

Tips: The right influencer can do a whole lot for TikTok challenge campaigns. You can find the right influencer for your Tiktok challenge using hashtags as well as using influencer tools.

TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags drive everything on social media. Well that no secret we have heard this over and over again.  However, we know that the TikTok challenge does not go without a hashtag as such picking the right phrase for your challenge is paramount and should be capable of resonating amongst your target audience. While starting off your challenge you might want it to trend along with other currently trending hashtag search.

Tips: the hashtag of your challenge should be trendy. Informal in away for youths target, and should go up as the age range increases.


Plan The Content for your TikTok Challenge 2020/2021

The most important part of a TikTok challenge is actually in the challenge itself. It has to be very interesting to go viral. You remember some of the top challenges that have gone viral and interesting and fun to participate in.  The TikTok challenge comes in various from dancing, lip-syncing,  performing a comedy skit, to sharing a heartfelt message to physical tests.

People want to be part of it because it is engaging, interactive, and most importantly, they’re fun. The nature of the challenge has to pull in fans. A dance goes for youth target, as well as a physical challenge.

Tips: Make your challenge of intermediate difficulty. As most of them are geared to test peers to see how they can stretch themself to accomplish the challenge. An example is the #bottlecapchallenge,  #YouCanCry challenge. People like competition.


Make Your TikTok Challenge 2020/2021 a Duet

The duet chain feature tool has a lot of potential as a tool for creating a successful campaign. A duet chain allows users to pair videos side by side and try mimicking the challenger exactly. It works well when the influencer is a general challenger for everyone.

That way followers will jump on it to see who gets closer to the popular influencer.



With these tips and more you can watch your TikTok challenge get more popular with other celebrities. TikTok formerly known as has become the best channel to promote a video and an entertainment platform. It has grown to challenge the existence of Snapchat in particular. The year 2020 has seen a greater influx of users signing up on TikTok and 2021 may still bring the same large success for the TikTok management.

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