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Strategies for Website Traffic Increase

Every digital marketer or web designer faces lots of challenges in building a successful website. One of the major challenges is getting a stable and inexhaustible flow of traffic to a website. Understanding website traffic increase strategies is the key to every successful website.

Let’s use this scenario, of a new company with a shoe-string budget. The company owner will often want to see traffic results as fast as possible.

Here are the strategies and tips on what the company can do to achieve perfect website traffic stats.

In the article, I’ll explain some of these website traffic increase strategies to help the company drive website traffic easily.


The 4 website traffic increase strategies

Ways to drive website traffic easily


1. Entire SEO Checklist – Setup essential SEO tools and plugins:

  • GSC (Google Search Console) – Google search console was previously known as Webmaster Tools. It is a web app that contains many tools that helps to keep a website healthy and Google-friendly. It is one of the best SEO tools and can be easily installed in any website, especially WordPress, using just the Yoast SEO plugin.


  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is developed by Google, and it’s a very powerful and robust tool that provides complete information about your website visitors and the website itself.


  • Yoast SEO plugin by WordPress – WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins. This SEO plugin helps in XML Sitemaps functionality, serves as a page analysis tool, and also creates smooth WordPress SEO for better website traffic.



2. Find Keyword Users and Customers search for

  • Finding Long-tail Keywords (you can search suggestions from Google or using Ubersuggest), has more impact on your page and website as a whole, a unique key-phrase can promote your website gradually to the front page of Google search engine.


  • Google keyword planner – To grow your website traffic, you need to know what keyword your users or audiences always search for. This is where Google keyword planner comes to play. It helps you find out what your target audiences always search for and what the requirements to rank (become popular) for those keywords.


  • Spy online community – This method requires you to find questions, prepare article-backlinking using Medium, Nairaland, Reddit, Quora, and other forums or chat websites and apps. etc.


3. Keyword – Optimize your Content

  • Use your keyword or keyphrase as the main word(s) in your title. Use keyphrase in the first paragraph of your article.
  • Always use short URLs, that will contain your keyword(s).
  • Always include the main keyphrase in your H1, H2, H3 sections and sometimes in the paragraph sections of your article.


4. Find and Fix Technical SEO issues

  • Make your website mobile-friendly, your Yoast SEO or if you use the right SEO tool, you will always receive notifications for any webpage that is not mobile friendly.
  • Find and fix crawler errors using Google Search Console.
  • Always check your website’s page loading speed (page speed insight by Google). And follow steps on how to solve any issue that arises.


5. Create Unique Content and Designs.

  • Always create awesome content with the nTells techniques.
  • Research and always find content in your industry that’s better to create, replicate carefully and promote.
  • Break your article or contents into chunks.
  • Always cover everything about a particular topic (use photos, videos, etc.)
  • Add an external or internal link (why post, what post, infographics can also build backlink using web apps like
  • Use strategic quest posting (do for site-related to yours.)
  • Sometimes, mention influential bloggers in your post and let them know about it
  • Delete zombie page (these are webpages on a website that generate little or no traffic and are also difficult or impossible to access through search engine results)
  • Boost your organic click-true rate (clicks from Google search). Google considers your click and brings it above others if you have good content.
  • Always update old contents, articles, or pages
  • Add some words or key phrases in your meta description.

NOTE – You may need a talented SEO expert with more than 4 years of experience. Expert in the competitor analysis and SEO, link building & SMO served.


Conclusion and Summary on Website Traffic Increase

The following should be observed for a better website traffic increase:

  • Website Analysis,
  • Keyword Analysis,
  • Meta Tags Optimization,
  • Header Optimization,
  • Google Analytics Setup,
  • Webmaster or Google Search Console Account Setup (Sitemap Creation, Speed optimization, Fix broken links.
  • SEO off page (article submission, business classified, social bookmarking, blog creation and posting, pdf submission, classified ads posting, documents sharing submission, directory submission, press release submission, and many more).
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