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Coding is the process of creating and maintaining a series of programming languages which are the likely ways humans use to communicate to the computer to give out various information so as to perform specific activities.

Why is coding necessary for kids

  • Coding helps children to develop more learning skills so as to assist them in their academics and also in their day-to-day experiences.
  • Coding also helps in boosting a Child’s self confidence in social gatherings at school and in different organizations
  • Coding helps kids learn perseverance in the science that it makes them understand and learn the value of handwork and patience
  • Coding also provide different career opportunities for kids so as to lay out a good foundation for their career in the future
  • Coding also helps to develop skills like teamwork and cooperation with one another

Programming languages for kids

  1. python
  2. Q-Basic
  3. Fortran etc.


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Advantages of Coding for Kids

  • It helps kids to learn and study how things work and also create things that work.
  • It also helps them to learn to be patient.
  • It also helps kids to develop problem-solving skills.
  • It also encourages creativity among kids
  • Coding can also make children discover their lifelong passion and can also be helpful for them to decide their future career

Disadvantages of Coding for Kids

  • Firstly for your child to be able to code he or she must have access to the internet and children of the 21st century can take advantage and use the data for something else
  • Furthermore, coding can also have an effect on the Child’s academic session, coding needs much attention and can also distract the child from school activities
  • One of the disadvantages of coding is that some parents make it necessary for their children to learn to code and it makes other fields in computer to be dormant.
  • Coding requires much focus and attention and kids need time for recreation and if they have to code they won’t have time for such
  • Coding can make a child not associate with his/her pairs and this can bring about discrimination among themselves.