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Top 10 Best VPN Services Providers Comparison

The best VPN service on the internet today, there are approximately 300+ paid and free VPN services. Many of these services offer the same features and promising to keep your connection completely secure and anonymous. This is why we took the time to prepare the Best VPN Services for you.

With so many biased Virtual Private Network reviews on the internet, it can be difficult to discern fact from profit-driven fiction.

But how can one find the best Virtual Private Network service to use?

It is important to do deep research on any secure Virtual Private Network service before using it. Here are some of the most important factors of a VPN you should consider before using:



best VPN service


Cost of usage
VPN Security, Privacy features or flaws like SSL VPN
Jurisdiction and logging policy
VPN Torrenting and Netflix availability
Usability and support feature
Fast VPN (Download speed)

Note that VPN Best services do not keep records of your activities like the kind of websites you visit or the files you download. They simply mask your IP address at a budget-friendly price and offers tons of restriction-free servers across the globe, so you can stream Netflix content or use VPN torrenting freely.

Here are the top 10 Best VPN Service

This Virtual Private Network service always rank as the best, it offers $2.99 per month and the primary website is

Features of NordVPN:
+ Fast Servers (5,200+)
+ VPN Torrenting/P2P allowed
+ Works with Netflix
+ Strict no logs policy
+ Easy-to-use Virtual Private Network apps
+ Double data encryption
+ No IP/DNS leaks found


This is a cheap Virtual Private Network service with a monthly subscription of $1.99 per month. Primary website is

Features of Surfshark VPN Service:
+ Strict no logs policy
+ Unlimited devices
+ VPN Torrenting allowed
+ Unblocks Netflix geo-restrictions
+ Safe and secure
+ Add-ons: Multihop & Ad-blocker


Express VPN
This VPN service has one of the top rankings as the best VPN service for Streaming Performance with a monthly fee of $6.67. Primary website is

Features of Express VPN:
+ Supports ALL devices
+ Fast servers (minimal speed loss)
+ Unblocking Netflix USA
+ VPN Torrenting and P2P allowed
+ No DNS/IP leaks found
+ Very simple and easy to use
+ No logs


This has unlimited connections with a Monthly subscription of $10.00. Primary website is

Features of PerfectPrivacy:
+ No logs policy
+ Switzerland jurisdiction
+ Work with Netflix
+ VPN Torrenting is allowed
+ Unlimited devices


This VPN Service is Secure & Fast, US-Based, No Live Support and a monthly subscription of $6.49. Her primary website is

Features of IPVanish
+ Good download speed
+ No logging policy
+ Works with Netflix and allows torrenting
+ Support all devices
+ 10 Simultaneous connections


Mullvad is had one of the most anonymous signup processes, it offers a monthly subscription of $5.69. Primary website i

Features of Mullvad VPN
+ Anonymous signup process
+ No logging policy
+ Good speed
+ Industry standard encryption (256 AES)
+ Built-in kill switch


It offers great features, good average speed and a Monthly subscription of $2.75. Primary website is

Features of CyberGhost
+ Affordable pricing
+ Very simple to use application
+ No log files
+ Torrenting/P2P is allowed
+ Works with Netflix


This is a small server network with a monthly subscription of $2.88. Website link Trust.Zone

Features of Trust.Zone VPN service
+ Fast server network
+ Torrenting allowed + Works with Netflix
+ Strict no logs policy
+ Cheap cost
+ Affordable pricing
+ No leaks found


This has many useful features like Proxy & Smart DNS All In One. And many more. With a monthly subscription of $4.84. Primary website is

Features of ibVPN
+ No logs policy
+ VPN Torrenting and P2P allowed
+ Unblocking Netflix
+ Fast support


Private Internet Access
This is a Fast, US Based, But Limited Streaming VPN Service, with a monthly subscription of $3.49

Features of Private Internet Access
+ Large server network (3300+)
+ Very affordable
+ VPN Torrenting is allowed
+ Above average speed
+ No logs policy


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