Top Face Swap Apps That You Will Totally Love

Face swap apps made an instant trend amongst users. incase you don’t know what it is all about, they are apps that allow users to get a feel of what they would look like if they were another gender, blond, or even braided hair.

The acceptance of the app was instant as users are eager to see what they look in another hairdo and an entirely different self.



Top 6 Face Swap Apps

There are several face swap apps on the iOS and Android Apps store but these are the best of the 6 apps that you would absolutely love.



Snapchat is by far the most popular amongst the face swap apps on this list with over 200 million active users. It is known for creating fun videos as well as pictures. The app also allows users to change faces.

Users can swap faces and take on various face filter. Most users apply the app to create animation on their videos and pictures.

The app is available on the iOS and Android app stores.



Cupace is one of the unique face swap apps as it allows users to exchange faces within a group picture. Imagine changing swapping faces of couples on a picture.

All you have to do is cut the face of anyone on the app and paste it on another within the same picture.

However, the app is only available on the android place store.


Face Swap Apps 4.2 and 4.3

Have you ever wondered how you will long if you were another gender, this app gets you to have a feel of your looks as a male or female? The app was an instant hit as celebrities all over the world have all tried it out.

Aside from changing your face to another gender the app also features extra editing features that let you tune your picture.

compatible with android



This app has some cool face swap features that allow you to swap your face on a selfie in an instant. You can easily change your face to a cool animal or a superhero character without any trick.

The face swap app is not short of fun as it has a rich gallery of face filters that you can apply

Compactible on iOS and Android


Mix Booth 4.0

Mixbooth is a face swap app that allows you to swap reconstruct your face to that of your favorite celebrity. The app is really simple to use.

It more like face mix your face with a celebrity that you will love to look like. First, you have to upload your picture and then that of the celebrity by the side and merge them to create a single face that looks more like the celebrity.

Although not exactly but in an evident resemblance but obviously close pictures.


Face Swap by Microsoft

Face swap by Microsoft is another worth of inclusion to the best face swap apps available. This is uniquely distinct from the rest on this list because it offers a lot of assists, unlike the rest.

It is very automated, all you need to do is take a selfie of yourself and upload a photo of the celebrity you want to swap faces with and the app does the rest for you.


Conclusion on Face swap Apps

For a trend that was started off by the Aged face app in 2019, face transformation apps have become an absolute thrill. Just in case you have not joined in the fun of using these trending apps. You can’t simply try one of these free apps to get a feel of what it looks like. Get ready to excite friends and family on your social media platforms.

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