Top Five Open World Games for Android

Top Five Open World Games for Android

Top Five Open World Games for Android, open world games, (when we say open-world games what comes to our mind)it interesting, wide, fun to play and explore. Players have the whole game world at them. They can explore, do the story, do side quests, and generally walk around the game world as they please.

Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized the genre and one of the world’s most popular games, Minecraft, is also the open world. You can find the open-world mechanic in shooters, RPGs, adventure games, and all sorts of other genres. That means you have a lot to choose from. Here are the best open-world games for Android.


Frostborn: Coop Survival

This is a survival game, in which you have to create a character, pick out a class, and start completing missions level up your character. Along with the mission, you will have to tour the world with some of your friends who you will try to keep safe from enemies. And it will be fun to play with more friends who will come online, because the game is played online, so you can team up to endure till the last.


Tinker Island 2

It is a game letting the players explore a deserted island and fight monsters so to live longer. Go get it, is out now.


Grand Theft Auto

You can be in any city like San Adreas, Vice City, Liberty, City Stories, and Chinatowns.
In this game, you are able to steal cars, aggravate the police, and get newer titles by buying them. There are also side quest, many mini-games and missions to undergo for the game while the game is been loaded.



Journey on this dangerous mission with Ghost Rider, Angela, Scarlet Witch, they all try to disclose the secrets that are hidden under the Dark Domain but with the help of the heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Storm and also Dr. Strange which the game will allow you to control in a vast open-world allowing explore with those characters. And other likes include Thor, Rocket Raccoon and many others.
Now let’s go and journey with the heroes.


Life After

This is a zombie-style game and it is mostly for people who love survival games.
It involves the building of your own shelter, interacting with other life players, also cook food in order to survive.
Make sure to try your hands on it and you will find out it was fun.


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