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Website Designer vs. Web Developer

Website Designer

Sometimes people get confused trying to differentiate who a website designer and a web developer is. Firstly we need to understand that a website designer is also a web designer, and their duty is the same as a graphic artist, but a kind of graphic artist that develops objects, styles, designs the overall layout and look of a website.


Web Developer

While a web developer is someone that builds and develops software applications and functionality for the internet. Developers can also be differentiated as Front end programmer (people that focuses on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of a website) and Back end programmer (people that focuses on the server-side using core programming languages like C#, .NET, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.)

Website Designer

How much coding experiences does a website designer need?

  1. Focus on the UI visual design.
  2. Outside the freelance world or working for large tech companies. Skillsets are been split into primary objectives for web developers and website designers.
  3. Don’t try learning all. (Sometimes, especially beginners feel the rush to learn many programming languages like I always tell my students “no problem, learn the basics of other programming languages but be a professional in one”). Because there’s much to learn in those areas. Just pick the one that entices you more.

Note Web development is strictly writing hardcore programming languages like C#, JS, PHP, etc and other technology in that area. UI Designs, learning visual Design skills, User experience knowledge and understanding every interface.


How much should a website designer charge for a web design service?

Many website designers have asked me this question personally. Well, the first thing to do is to observe your client, some clients may see you as an amateur designer when you call a low price, some will see you as a professional when you call a high price. And the good thing is that website price varies and so this is different for individual website designers because the target audience is different.

Also, consider these before naming your price:

  1. Package for new clients is important (hourly rate etc.) 
  2. List your offers, for example, Logo Design, Pages Insight, Customized Blog, Business and ID Card. Ask if he/she wants branding or any of these included in the project.
  3. Consider products, data entry, features, client, etc.


What’s the best way to plan your website as a website designer?

Before you start designing any website, plan the structure and layout, features, purpose and solutions. Follow these steps below:

  1. Get a jotter, list your page as the title for each page.
  2. Skip homepage paper, go to next, and ask your client what he/she would like to add to each page, then list them on the pages.
  3. Go to the homepage and ask for the most important areas of the site, list them and include details that’ll attract the audiences.
  4. Arrange the paper in reverse order and hand over to your client a copy of the jotter.
  5. Lastly, ask your client this question “at the end of the day, what will you want the visitor to do?” 
  6. The answer should be the first section audience sees when they visit the homepage, so make sure to include this on the homepage.



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