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WordPress Installation – This piece of writeup summarizes the major differences between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org. Sometimes, my students ask – “Is using WordPress for a website design a good practice for programmers or web developers?“.

Do you know that WordPress powers more than 37% of all the websites on the Internet today? The question you may be asking is. How? What is WordPress? Let`s now talk about what WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org are and why using WordPress to build a website is not a bad practice for developers.

WordPress Installation – What is WordPress?

WordPress is simply an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2. Being an open-source system simply means that users can modify and use the WordPress software for free.
WordPress is good content management as it has created an end result for individuals to build websites accessible to anyone even those who aren’t developers can use WordPress and understand it.


What is a Content Management System?

This is any tool that makes it easy to manage important functions that your website needs to have. For example, you can manage contents, pages, designs and other aspects of your website without needing to know any programming language.


WordPress Installation – Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


WordPress.com is a platform created by Matt Mullenweg and his company Automattic. Matt is also the co-founder of the WordPress software, which is another reason why the whole WordPress.com vs WordPress.org thing can be really confusing. Automattic is also a big contributor to the WordPress open source project.



WordPress.org on the other hand is the home of the software. The site is managed by the non-profit WordPress Foundation. When someone speaks about “WordPress”, that’s usually what they are referring to. At WordPress.org anyone can download WordPress and use it for whatever purposes they want. In contrast to WordPress.com, you can not create a site on their servers. Instead, you’ll need to take care of that yourself. That means you need to find your own hosting provider and acquire a domain to install your WordPress site on. For that very reason, WordPress.org is also often referred to as a “self-hosted” WordPress, while WordPress.com is called the “hosted” variety.


WordPress Installation – The “.Com” and “.Org” Pros and Cons

WordPress.com is not the same as the software (WordPress.org) and it is not even the owner. Instead, it is just a hosting service. Just like Blogger, Tumblr or Medium, they allow users to create their own website hosted and maintained on Automattic’s servers. Just that WordPress is the Software functionalities you see while designing. Despite the fact that you are allowed to build a free website on WordPress.com, there are still some cons in using wordPress.com.


#1 – WordPress.Com

WordPress.com allows you to place your site under a subdomain, this simply means your link to your website must be your WebSitesName.wordpress.com. You cannot remove WordPress.com’s own ads and brand from your site.


#2 – WordPress.Org

The WordPress software (WordPress.org) is a free, open-source CMS and that is why you will need to install it on a web server. To run your website for commercial purpose on WordPress.com, you’ll have to pay at least $8 per month on your plan, including the cost of a custom domain name usually in the range of $14 or $15 yearly. This means the cost of your website may be close to or up to $100 yearly.


#3 – WordPress.Org

WordPress.Org is self-hosted, this means that before you can use it, you will need to download it from the WordPress.Org website (or use a one-click installation from your server), set it up with your own hosting provider and use it to manage and design your website. This will give you a ton of flexibility. When you have a free website in WordPress.com, you do not have the freedom to your website files and content, but using a self-hosted service and WordPress.org software, you’ll get complete freedom over what you want to do with your site.


#4 – WordPress.Com

In WordPress.com you can easily build your website in a minute. You don’t need to go through all those processes above in WordPress.com, all you need to do is just sign up for a wordPress.com free account, and you have an active blog website in no time.


#5 – WordPress.Com

In WordPress.com you cannot upload too much content, because you are only given 3GB of disk space. You are not allowed to monetize your blog or website, like using Google AdSense or other means. And also you cannot use some themes or plugins. Plugins and themes are one of the most helpful tools in WordPress designing because they make it so easy to add many functions and customize your site, In WordPress.com, plugins are installed only when they’re in the WordPress.com’s platform by default, the same goes for themes.


WordPress Installation – Conclusion

WordPress makes designing a website very easy and faster for web developers to meet their time frame. The different WordPress plugins and themes extend the functionality of a WordPress website.

Each version of WordPress, either “.com” or “.org”, has its own pros and cons. But personally, I think the WordPress.com version has more cons than pros.

I encourage you to try the free version for a start, play around with the functionalities, but when you want to get serious, then download WordPress or launch your browser and enter the www.wordpress.org website, play around with the interface and see how easy it is to use WordPress for a website.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this post, drop a comment below and let us know which WordPress platform you’re using or which of them you prefer.

Good luck with building your website with WordPress.


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